Irina V.Alexeeva


Deputy Director for External Communications

The Russian SME Resource Centre

Moscow, Russia

Phone/FAX +7(495)332-00-34

Mobile: +7(916)649-07-97


Member of the Committee on SME support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.


From 1995 till present coordinated and managed research and analysis under international business development projects, including projects funded by the World Bank, IFC, FIAS (Foreign Investment Advisory Service), USAID, Tacis, EBRD, DFID, etc., as well as national projects.

In 2003-2005 worked at the World Bank Moscow Office as Country Officer and consultant on private sector development.


Extensive experience and proven results in liaison and promoting cooperation with Russian and international organizations, including international financial organizations, donors, business support and financial organisations, local governments and business service providers in Russia.


Profound knowledge of business support infrastructure and business environment in Russia and abroad, including SME access to finance, microfinance, business climate. Extensive experience in monitoring and evaluation of business support projects and programs. Produced analytical reports, articles, publications on SME and PSD development, business support practices, knowledge sharing.


Organized international conferences and events, managed production of publications on private sector development, business and investment climate, best practices of SME support, knowledge sharing.


Developed and implemented effective marketing policy for the Russian SME Resource Centre (RCSME), managed promotion of the RCSME in Russia and internationally. Ensured self-sustainability of the Centre through its participation in international projects funded by donor organizations. Evaluated programs and projects on private sector and SME development in Russia.



Employment Record


1997-2003, 2005 – present   Russian SME Resource Centre (Moscow)


2005                                      IFC Moscow Office, Local Consultant, evaluation mission


2003 – 2005                        World Bank Moscow Office, Country Officer, Consultant on private sector development


1995 – 1997                       Deloitte & Touche. Business Collaboration Center (BCC), Moscow,  under USAID business development program. Product Coordination Manager

1980 – 1995                        Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences. Russian National Union of Crystallography. Executive Secretary to the National Crystallography Committee.



Graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University (Moscow). MA in languages and humanities.



1998 to 2006 trained in USA EU and EU  (London, Rotterdam, Vienna, Athens): Several training programs in SME policy advice, private sector development, SME support infrastructure in EU countries during study tours and placements (London University, London Business School, UK; The Netherlands Economic Institute, The Netherlands; Institute for Small Business Research, Austria; Euro-consultants, Greece, under Tacis projects SMERUS9803 and SMERUS9501);


Project Experience

Participated in projects on private sector development and finance under support programs:

1.      Administrative Barriers to Investment: Regional Regulatory and Administrative Cost Study (FIAS), project funded by the World Bank Group – since 2007, on-going

2.      MSE Lending Expansion in North Caucasus - Feasibility Study, funded by EU-EBRD, 2006

3.      Enhancing Russian SME collaboration and businesses development through communities of practice (RUSMECO), project funded by EU  INCO FP6, since 2005, on-going

4.      The Role and Place of SME Sector in Russia: 2005-2006, project funded by USAID, 2006

5.      Survey of Efficiency of Training Programs for Entrepreneurs organized by the US-Russia Center for Entrepreneurship, project funded by the US-Russia Centre for Entrepreneurship, 2006

6.      Survey & Assessment of Credit Delivery Channels and Agents Benefiting the Poor in the North Caucasus, funded by UNDP, 2006

7.      Development of SME criteria (definitions) in Russia, project funded by the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce, 2006

8.      Administrative Barriers to Investment: Regional Regulatory and Administrative Cost Study (FIAS), project funded by the World Bank Group (2002-2005)

9.      Analysis of microfinance development in Russia: parts 1-2, Assessment of supply and demand for microfinance, project funded by USAID, 2003-2004

10.  Trends in non-bank microfinance development in Russia, project funded by USAID (2003-2004):

11.  Analysis of SME Role and Place in Russia, (Part 1 – 2002. Part 2 – 2003), project funded by USAID.

12.  EU-Tacis SMERUS 9803 “Support to the Development of SMEs in Russia”. “The Russian SME Observatory Report-2001”, funded by EU-Tacis, 2001-2002.

13.  “Analysis of Microfinance Supply and Demand on Russia’s Market”, funded by USAID/FINCA International, 2002.

14.  “Catalogue of Regional Information Resources for SMEs”, project funded by the Eurasia Foundation, 1999-2000.

15.   “Tacis SMERUS 9501” Establishment of the Russian SME Resource Centre. 1998-1999. “Environment for SME Development”, Financial technologies for SMEs” etc.