Personal information


Name:                                     BALÁZS, Judit, prof.dr. oec. dr.  habil military sciences

Maiden name:                          BALÁZS, Judit

Date of birth:                           3-1-1943

Permanent address:                  H-1125 HUNGARY. Budapest, Istenhegyi út 86/A

Temporary address                  Egypt, 10th of Ramadan City, Villa Jasmin

Telephone, office:                    36 99 518 396, fax: 36 99 311 103

Telephone-fax private:  36 1 39 57 021

Telephone in Egypt:                 0105735969

E-mail:                (Egypt)

Marital status:                          Married, twin daughters of, two grandchildren




Year                Institution                                                      Qualification gained

1974                Berlin University                                              Ph.D

1978                Budapest University                                        Dr oec.

1980                Hungarian Academy of Sc.                             Csc. oec.

1999                Budapest University of Defence                       dr. habil.military. sciences

1999                Ministry of Education                                      Full professorship


Work Experiences


1974-                            Hungarian Embassy, Berlin, researcher in politics and economics

1980                               Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Senior researcher

1994                Ministry of Environmental Protection. Advisor in chief.

1995                               University of Sopron, Head of Department for World Economics

1998                University of Sopron Director of the Institute for Social Geographies and

                        World Economy

1999                University of West Hungary (successor of the University of Spoon, integrated

With 6 Universities located in West Hungary.) Director of the Institute for Social Geographies and World Economy. Head of the Faculty for World Economy. Head of the Faculty for Social Geographies.

2000-2003            Vice Rector for Research and International Relations of the U.W.H.

2000-2004            Director of the Institute for Social Sciences and World Economy.

Head of the Faculty for World Economy.

2004-2006      Director of the Institute for Regional and International Economics. Head of the            Faculty for World Economy.

2006…………Visiting professor,  Higher Technological Institute. 10th of Ramadan City.


Research work


Research fields are examination of social and economic questions of world economy, in particular the developing countries, strategic and security issues, peace research and the transformation in Central-Eastern Europe Author of seven books and more than 2OO scholarly articles.


Knowledge of Languages:


Second mother tongue: German. (Work permit for official translator)

Good written, spoken, English (highest degree of examination)

Fair written and spoken : Turkish and Russian

Mother tongue: Hungarian




·        To study issues in world economics and political sciences in all European countries, Canada, Australia Vietnam, Japan, India.

·        Acted as adviser to the South African government in the time of dismantling of apartheid. (1998,1990),

·        Mitigated in Burundi and Rwanda, (1993) North Korea, (1986) Yugoslavia. (1994)

·        Member of the UN Committee for Establishing Peace after the Golf war. (1994)

·        Referees at several symposiums, lecturing in Sweden, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Moscow, India, Japan, Turkey.




·        Award by the Hungarian Minister of Education for the title Széchenyi Prof. (1998-2002)

·        Jean Monnet professor, given by the Highest Committee for Education of the European Union.2002

·        Award by the Ministry of Education: “ For the Hungarian Science”.2oo4

·        Award by the University of West Hungary “ For excellent and outstanding work”.2005

·        Award by the university of West Hungary  For  Founding the Faculty for Economics” 2006


International Activities:


Vice president of the International Peace Research Association

Founder and former president of the European Peace Research Association

Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Transnational  and Future Research Lund.

Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Foreign Affairs Pretoria.

Member of the Advisory Board Coventry Centre for Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Coventry.

Member of the Editorial Board “International Journal of Peace Studies”




Committee for Future Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Hungarian Association of Economists

Hungarian UN Society. Member of the Board.

Co-President of the Hungarian-South African Society.

Member of the English Speaking Union

Member of the  Society of Military Scientists




Prof.PALÁNKAI, Tibor

 Ex-Rector of the Budapest University of Economics

Vámház krt. 8




Prof. SIMAI, Mihály

Budapest University of Economics

President of the Hungarian UN Society

Vámház krt. 8


Prof. Hakan WIBERG


Copenhagen Peace Research Institute (COPRI)

Fredericiagade 18 Copenhagen



Dr Karlheinz Koppe

Former Secretary General of the

European  Peace Research Association

D – 53 175 Bonn  Wurzerstrasse 136



                       Prof. Balázs Judit



Budapest-Sopron, 10th of Ramadan City  2008-09-27