ADDRESS:                Ratka Mitrovića  185/22, 11030 Beograd, Serbia

PHONE NUMBERS: home +381 11 2310028, TelMobil: +381 63 254995

DATE OF BIRTH:    21 June 1955

MARITAL STATUS: married, two children



EDUCATION:           1983 B.Sc. Degree from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of  Forestry,                                              major: wood processing.



2003                Serbian Chamber of Commerce: Senior Adviser in Departament of SMEs

2002                Commercial Director  of "Euro Link" Ltd. Beograd (Spanish-Serbian company for                     export to Spain and Czech Republic).

2000                Head of the Wood Export Department in "Kappa- Sigma" Ltd. Beograd. (Greek                                  company) Export to Greece and Germany.

1998                Director of the Wood Export department in "Jugodrvo" 

1995                   Sales Manager for wood export to Italy, Egypt and Israel  in "Jugodrvo" company.

1994              Representative of "MTI" company in Moscow for export-import of various goods.

1990                Sales Manager for export of primary and semi-final wooden products to Italy and                                  Greece.

                        Passed specialized exam for working in foreign trade recognized by the Serbian                                     Chamber of Commerce.

1985                    Senior Sales Manager for cut wood export.

1984                Junior Clerk in the Department for foreign trade of "Jugodrvo". Export of cut wood                    to Italy, Greece and overseas.


LANGUAGES: Russian (fluent), Italian (passive), English (good)