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Mission Statement


We are an organisation for

·        EDUCATION


·        RESERCH and


·        WE ARE AN NGO





Lifelong learning in a changing world – increasing the learning on low level, SME and High School training as well as special trainings on higher level including adult training and distance education.




Close up activity between the European projects and Hungary, matchmaking for Hungarian and other European  individuals / organizations and projects. We train strategy, project development and  fundraising for Schools, SME-s, Tourist and Labour Organizations as well as Town Halls. Rural and Small Region development on environment friendly base.   Quality is a cornerstone of our success.




We form teams from international experts and coordinate their work by our secreteriat. We contract specialized organisations for specialized issues. Our list of experts and coordinators give us wide angle opportunities to realise high quality products in time.

As an NGO we pay very high attention to the non profit /civil sector and social dialogue.




In the last year we finished three Leonardo da Vinci projects - one of them was “VITRINE” Virtual Training in the Information Society - and an open vocational education project   and we cooperate in

three other projects as well.

In the recent year we finished the Final Reports of 2 LdV project (Naturae-Rural/Eco Tourism; EINET-SME  network) and one Socrates-Grundtvig project.(New TELS:Toward a European Learning Society)     and one Leonardo mobility project (Casa Amica) Separately from this  projects we have two large scale Leonardo project (EU-EQT and Train SME), we coordinate a Bilateral Project with Flanders.

Before the end of the year we begin three new, mainly s SME oriented Leonardo Projects.

By the Head of organization it was developed and coordinated 98 training and development projects, financed by USAID(1990-95).Finally he was the evaluator - with an American expert - of 120 projects.    He is a former World Bank project developer, coordinator and evaluator as well as former National and International Leonardo expert and evaluator of  Project Proposals.

-Observer in Geneva at Economic Comission for Europe of UN- for SME issues

-Observer in AEIAR in Brussels (European Organisations of Rural Development Associations)

-Trained Rural Tourism  expert by EU

-Lecturer and Chair on CEI conferences (Central European Initiative)

-National organizer of “Learning Cities” seminars

-Adviser and International Coordinator of National Adult Education Institute (Budapest)




-Partner of SYNTRA-WEST (Brugge, West Flanders) SME Training Centre and Business School

-Registered “SME National Focal Points in CEI Countries” By UN/ECE

-Registered member in Slow Food  Budapest Convivium.

-Cooperator  of  Rural Tourism Org. of Hungary.

-EDEN member (European Distance Education Network)

-NAP member ( Network of Academic Professionals)

We are inventors developers and/or partners in four new projects. Within the above mentioned new projects we cooperate with  Local Governments and Colleges, Universities, Chambers and Labour Offices.


Istvan Mikus