Xavier Figarella Vegas

E-mail: xfigarella@unimet.edu.ve



B.S. in Chemistry, from Universidad Central de Venezuela. Master of Science in Technology and Economics of Chemical Processes from Oxford Polytechnic, England. He is Full Professor at Universidad Metropolitana, where he has also been Director of the Graduate Studies Program, Director of the School of Chemistry and Head of the Chemistry Department.


He is currently Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Initiatives at Universidad Metropolitana, where he is in charge of the academic design and deployment of the project for developing entrepreneurship capacity at Universidad Metropolitana, as well as responsible for the coordination and promotion of academic relationships between Universidad Metropolitana and the business sector, with particular emphasis on micro, small and medium size businesses. Actively involved in the design and development of academic initiatives oriented towards research in critical areas for improving management practices in small and medium size businesses. His academic activities focus on entrepreneurship topics, education innovation, and quality and productivity issues. He has directed numerous dissertation projects, mostly in the areas of small and medium size business strengthening and entrepreneurship capacity development


Integral Consultant in Quality and Productivity, trained in the Coninpyme Program, sponsored by the Interamerican Development Bank. He is member of the network of tutors for the system of business creation in Venezuela, sponsored by Fundacion Ideas and Corporacion Andina de Fomento. Recently led the Workshop on Cleaner Production for Young Entrepreneurs, and designed a methodology for including entrepreneurship capacity development to the instructional design of college-level courses. This methodology was recently presented at the International Congress for Entrepreneurs and Business Incubators held at Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Numerous participations in national and international events as keynote speaker on topics related to the development of entrepreneurship capacity in institutions of high education, including the First Regional Specialization Program for Managers of Business Incubators, held at the City of Knowledge in Panama. Professor Figarella completed Babson SEE at Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile 2006 and visit Babson in July 2007 to participate in the Family as Entrepreneurship summer course.