Vesna Karadzic, PhD

Professor, Vice-Dean for International relations

Faculty of Economics

University of Motenegro

Jovana Tomasevica 37

81000 Podgorica

Republic of Montenegro

Tel: +381 81 241 138 and +381 67 208 805

Fax:+381 81 241 757

Email: and



Place and date of birth

14.09.1958 in Savnik, Montenegro (Yugoslavia)



1982.   B.A. Faculty of Economics Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro

1984.   M.Sc. Columbia University, New York

1999.   Ph.D University of Montenegro, Faculty of Economics Podgorica,

Positions and subject


1983. - Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, teaching : 'Statistics I', 'Econometrics', 'Market Researching', 'Models of Growth' and Technical Progress'.

1992-1994 Vice dean for academic affairs

2002-  Vice dean for international cooperation

Publications and works


Econometric analysis of Demand (University of Montenegro, Podgorica, 2000)


  • Basic concept of Time Series Econometrics (Entrepreneurial economy, Vol.10, 2005);
  • Economic Portrait of Montenegrin Household (2/2000, Podgorica);
  •  Evaluation of Engels' function of Expenses for Food of Household in Montenegro (Collection of works Sym-Op-IS 99, Belgrade);
  •  Measurement effects of tax reform (Collection of works Sym-Op-IS 99, Belgrade);
  • A Consumers' Demand and its Modeling on the base of Theory of Life Cycle (Collection of works Sym-Op-IS 95, Donji Milanovac);
  •  Analysis of demand elasticity for tobacco in Montenegro (Collection of works Sym-Op-IS 95, Donji Milanovac);
  • Statistical indicators of the Economic Role of Women in Developing Countries ( UNESCO seminar, Dubrovnik, 1986)