Full Name: Mohammad Keyhani


Homepage: www.mkaihani.com

E-mail: m.kaihani@gmail.com



Phone: (+1) 647 829 3820


#1004, 360 Assiniboine Road.

Toronto, Ontario


M3J 1L3

Education & Training


2008 – Present:

Ph. D. in Strategic Management

Schulich School of Business, York University


2006 – 2008:

M. Sc. in Entrepreneurship (Concentration: Entrepreneurship Policy)

Faculty of Management, University of Tehran


2001 – 2006:

B. Sc. in Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Science, University of Tehran


Training Courses & Workshops


·         Introduction to New Product Development and Systems Engineering (50 Hours), 2005

Iran Khodro Powertrain Company (IPCO)

·         Introduction to Knowledge Management (16 Hours), 2005

Iran International Engineering Company (IRITEC)

·         3rd International Higher Education and Entrepreneurship Workshop, University of Tehran, November 27-29, 2006

·         DAAD workshop on Academic Entrepreneurship, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, September 10, 2007


Major Professional Experience:


June 2001 – February 2005 (and at later times in a few cases)

Shokouh English Institute[1]

Teaching English to students of all levels (from pre-school to TOEFL)


July 2004 – January 2007

Parseh Management Consulting & Systemware[2]

Involved in two major projects in Knowledge Management & Product Development at IPCO[3] and IRITEC[4], extensive variety of research, many hours of meetings with top managers of large Iranian organizations, knowledge engineering, surveys and data analysis, etc.


January 2007 – September 2007

Zero & One Information Technology and e-Commerce Inc.[5]

Cooperation in the preparation of a proposal for a real estate information and document management system. (This proposal was the winner of the tender and the project is currently ongoing)

Cooperation in the design and development of requirements for a web-based software platform and online community of practice for school teachers.


January 2007 – September 2008

Freelance Consultant

Consulting in the areas of Knowledge Management, Document and Content Management in collaboration with various companies such as Kish Change Management Consultants, Samix Group[6] and Zero & One Information Technology and e-Commerce Inc.


September 2007 – Current

Parseh Management Consulting & Systemware

Installation and administration of a web based content management system and issue management system to support company activities at the IPCO client site.

Research assistant.


Sample Volunteer Activities

·         Design and development of educational tools such as games, and special courses to teach English using movies and screenplays at Shokouh English Institute.

·         Cooperation in the selection and purchase of books for the library of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran.


Academic & Research Activities


M. Sc. Thesis


·         Keyhani, M. (2008). Measuring Dimensions of the Attention of Entrepreneurs to Innovation. (In Persian).

o        A survey of the attention patterns of Iranian startup entrepreneurs towards different levels of product innovation.


Conference Papers:


·         Keyhani, M. and Moghadam, S. J. (2008). Language Barriers to Meme Contagion: The Case of Entrepreneurship as a Concept in Iran. Paper presented at the International Conference on Entrepreneurship, May 26-27. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1145647


Published Articles:


·         Keyhani, M. (2004). Introducing Virtual and Managed Learning Environments. Gozaresh-e Computer, Bimonthly publication of the Informatics Society of Iran. 157. (In Persian)

·         Keyhani, M. (2004). Moving Towards a Learner-Centered Class. Gozaresh-e Computer, Bimonthly publication of the Informatics Society of Iran. 160. (In Persian)

·         Keyhani, M. (2008) Heuristics & Biases in Management Decisions Part 1: Representativeness, Magazine on Organizational Knowledge Management, 3(27). (In Persian)


Sample Seminar Presentations


·         How People Learn” (Based on a book by this name) Faculty of Science, University of Tehran, Spring 2004

·         Analysis of President Carter’s Decisions Regarding Iran Using Prospect Theory” (Based on a book by Rose McDermott) Faculty of Science, University of Tehran. May 16,2006

·         Knowledge Management with a Knowledge Structuring Approach” (In collaboration with the Samix Group), Aerospace Organization, Ministry of Defense. May 22, 2007 Tehran

·         Introduction to Knowledge Management Systems”, Co-presented with Saeed Emami, House of Managers, Industrial Management Institute.  July 11, 2007 Tehran


Sample of Working Papers & Other Research:


·         Issues of Balance in Managing Innovation

(See http://mkaihani.wordpress.com/working-papers/)

·         The Attention Wikihttp://attention.netcipia.net

An effort to help build the discipline of attention economics which is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of attention as a limited resource.



Persian (Farsi): Native          English: Fluent

[1] www.shokouh.com

[2] www.parseh-mcsw.com

[3] www.ip-co.com

[4] www.iritec.com

[5] www.0and1.com

[6] www.samix.ir