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The process of transformation of the Slovak economy to a market-driven type has inevitably led to the growth of the whole financial sector and to an increased demand for new types of financial services, which has also resulted in the establishment of new banks and other financial institutions This process has significantly increased the demand for experts in the fields of investments, micro- and macro-economy and banking, but also in the areas of marketing, management and applications of advanced information and communication technologies in the financial sector.

            The Faculty of Economics was established in 1992 in response to the market demand, within the framework of transformation of the Technical University to a “full-fledged” university covering also non-technical disciplines.


Mission of the Faculty: To develop knowledge and provide high-quality, professional education in the field of economic sciences. To contribute to the development of society and shaping of the regional economy through the provision of research and consultancy activity, continuing education and services for the local and regional communities.


Fig. 1 The Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Košice.


Our Vision: The Faculty of Economics strives to be a sought-after faculty providing education in the spirit of democracy and humanism, leading students to tolerance and the capacity of critical and creative thinking, establishing conditions for free-ranging scientific research and dissemination of original and mediated knowledge, as well as systematically involving itself in international cooperation, so that it can take its rightful place among the highest-quality faculties of economics in the unified Europe.

In order to fulfil this mission, the Faculty fosters the spirit of democracy, tolerance and humanism, and supports critical and creative thinking among students. Innovation, quality, accountability, critical thinking and freedom of speech are the values, which are shared by the Faculty staff. 


Dean:   Assoc. Prof. Tomáš Sabol, PhD

            Phone: +421-55-602 3258, fax: +421-55-602 3258

            e-mail: Tomas.Sabol@tuke.sk


Associate deans:

            Prof. Vincent Šoltés, PhD – Responsible for Educational Affairs

            Phone: +421-55-602 3275, fax: +421-55-633 0983

            e-mail: Vincent.Soltes@tuke.sk


            Assoc. Prof. Oto Hudec, PhD – Responsible for Scientific and Research Activities, Foreign Relations, and Development

            Phone: +421-55-602 3303, fax: +421-55-633 0983

            e-mail: Oto.Hudec@tuke.sk



The Faculty of Economics has five departments:


The Department’s research activities are focused on the issues in the area of macroeconomic analysis, regional development, quality assessment and the business environment.

            The courses provided by the Department are designed to provide students with knowledge of basic and advanced economic theories and their application to actual economic problems. The Department aims to educate students in economics and to contribute to the advancement of the discipline through research and teaching. The major topic areas covered are Micro- and Macroeconomics, International Economics, History of Economic Theories and European Integration. The Department also offers social science courses.

Head of the Department: Assoc. Prof. Edita Farkašová, PhD; 
e-mail: Edita.Farkasova@tuke.sk


Research activities of the Department are focused on problems of effective allocation of financial resources and their use within the economic regions and all entities of private, public, and non-profit sectors performing economic activities. Research at the Department is also focused on the analysis of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with emphasis on their financing in connection with EU enlargement and especially accession of Slovakia to the EU, the financing of local municipalities, fiscal reforms applied in the Slovak Republic and information sources for financial analysis and accounting.

            The Department's teaching activities cover Corporate Finance, International Finance, Taxes and Tax Systems, Finance and Currency, Financial Markets, Accounting and Auditing, Public Finance, Economic Policy and Financial Mathematics. The curriculum is a dynamic one, which keeps up with current trends and innovations in the financial area. The Department is involved in several research projects.

Head of the Department: Assoc. Prof. Emília Jakubíková, PhD;

e-mail: Emilia.Jakubikova@tuke.sk.


Department of Banking and Investment

The Department’s research activities are focused on banking, analysis of foreign direct investments, actuarial science, e-business, measuring economic efficiency of e-business efficiency. Research at the Department also deals with analysis of applications of information and communication technologies in private and public sectors, information society development, knowledge economy and e-Government. The Department staff is involved in several international research projects in the area of foreign direct investments (FDI), socio-economic analysis of applications of information and communication technologies (ICTs) including e-business, as well as in national research projects focused on e-business - performance measuring, decision support and risk management and sector analysis. The department staff also participates in the eBusiness W@tch activities.

The Department offers courses in Banking, Bank Operations, Fundamentals of Investment, Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives, Actuarial Science, Risk and Uncertainty in Finance, Financial decisions and e-Commerce.

Head of the Department: Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Vladimír Penjak, PhD;

e-mail: Vladimir.Penjak@tuke.sk 


The Department’s research activities are focused on organisational management (including human resource management and total quality management), marketing, marketing research and regional development.

The Department is involved in several international and national research projects in the area of management, including health care quality management, marketing management and regional development. Educational projects in the area of continuing and distance education are also being carried out.

            The Department offers courses in Management, Human Resource Management, Quality Management, Service Quality Management, Quality Engineering, Strategy and Management of Small and Medium Enterprises, Business Economics, Marketing, Financial Institution Marketing, Marketing Research, Research Methods for Business Students, Introduction to Law, Business Law, Labour Law and Social Security.

Head of the Department: Assoc. Prof. Kristína Zgodavová, PhD;

e-mail: Kristina.Zgodavova@tuke.sk


The Department’s research activities are focused on the topic of the information society in the context of its impact on citizens, education and businesses, as well as the policy aspects and regulatory framework for electronic communications networks. The problems of implementation of e-banking and mobile payments systems are investigated. Managerial challenges of ICT-based learning are also studied. 

Courses offered by the Department are directed  mainly  at the application of mathematical and statistical methods in economic and financial applications, namely Mathematics, Statistical Methods, Informatics, Information Systems, and Electronic Banking.

Head of the Department: Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Peter Mihók, PhD;

e-mail: Peter.Mihok@tuke.sk 



The Faculty of Economics offers accredited study programmes in the field of Finance, Banking and Investment, and since the academic year 2005/2006 also in Business Informatics (in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Technical University of Košice) and in Regional Development and Public Finance.


Study Programmes:


Finance, Banking and Investment: Professional profile of the graduates corresponds to the requirements of financial institutions (e.g. banks, insurance, audit and investment companies) and enables them to apply for managerial positions in the public and private sectors. The Faculty offers degrees at all three levels - Bachelor (on average after three years of study) and Master (five years of study) degrees in the study branch of Finance, Banking and Investment. PhD study is offered in the scientific branch Finance.


Business Informatics: Offered as university study programme at the Bachelor and Master levels. It has been prepared in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the Technical University of Košice. The study is focusing on the economic, managerial and organisational aspects of the design, development, deployment and use of information and communication technologies.


Regional Development and Public Finance: Currently offered study programme in this area at Bachelor level with the prospect of offering also Master programme in the future. The programme is designed to prepare students for professional and managerial positions in public agencies, governmental departments and administrative entities and non-profit organisations offering knowledge in economics, regional science and public administration.


In the academic year 2004/2005, 826 full-time and part-time students and 23 PhD students were studying at the Faculty. 518 students (i.e. 62.71%) of all students are female.



The Faculty management has identified three research areas with the following research priorities:

1.       The research area: Finance, Banking, Investment

·         Analysis of financial markets and investment tools;

·         Effective allocation of financial resources;

·         Tasks and issues of financial investment and control;

·         Analysis of investments and foreign direct investments (FDI);

·         Analysis of the financial status of small and medium-size enterprises (SME)

·         Financial and accounting theory

2.       The research area: Business Informatics

·         Methodology and methods of business process modelling;

·         Measuring economic efficiency of ICT applications;

·         Socio-economic analysis of ICT applications;

·         e-Business, e-Banking, e-Government, and e-Health;

·         Information Society development, benchmarking, good practice, scenario planning etc.;

·         Trends and indicators of knowledge economy development, innovation (especially innovation related to application of ICT);

3.       The research area: Regional Development and Public Finance

·         Decision making processes at public administration;

·         Fiscal decentralization and regional governance;

·         Programming and EU structural policy;

·         Efficiency and Equity in Public Finance;

·         Location factors and regional development;

·         Strategic planning, Regional Innovation strategies;

·         Regional and city marketing and management;

·         Business environment analysis.



Further Professional Education And Consultation Services

The Faculty of Economics also offers courses of further professional development:

  • Finance, Banking and Investment (216 hours of tuition)

·         Accounting, Taxation, Auditing;

·         Accounting and Auditing for Public Sector;

·         Introduction to Business for Start-up Entrepreneurs;

·         International Accounting Standards and Their Application in the Slovak Accounting Practice;

·         e-Business;

·         e-Banking, e-payment systems;

·         Quality management;

Advisory and consultation services to private and public sector in the following areas are offered in the following areas:

·         Financial management, profitability analysis, cost management, price calculation, capital budgeting;

·         Finances analysis, financial performance measures;

·         Investment tools, derivatives, risk management;

·         Financial accounting, reporting, auditing;

·         Strategic management and planning;

·         Quality management systems;

·         e-Business, e-Banking, e-Government, electronic signature applications;

·         Information system analysis and modelling;

·         Regional and local strategies for innovation and human resources development

·         Knowledge Management

·         Actuary science, products.



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