Višnja McMaster



            Full name:                  Višnja McMaster

            Nationality:                   Croatian/ British

            Birth date:                    23.08.1948.

            Family:                        Married, two children

            Address:                      Fuljatkov brijeg 32, Zagreb 10060, Croatia

            Telephone:                  385 01 4574 519, Mobile 091 4574 519



            Elementary:                 Koper, Slovenia

            Secondary:                  Classical Grammar School, 16th Grammar School, Zagreb,                                                                          Croatia   (1963-67)

            Tertiary:                       Philosophical Faculty, Zagreb University (1967-72)  


            1972-73           English teacher                       Self-employed, Lublin, Poland           

            1973-76           English teacher                       “The Fuzieh School of English”, Tehran, Iran

            1976-78           Foreign Accounts Manager     “Propagand”, Tehran, Iran

            1980-1991       Foreign Lecturer                     Shokei Girls’ College, Sendai, Japan

           1983-1991       Foreign Lecturer                      Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

            1991-2006       Translator                                 Freelance, Zagreb, Croatia

            2002               TV presenter                            “The Paths of Croatian Haiku”, NHK, Japan

            2000-2008       Founder & CEO                    “Sweet Posy of Zagreb



             Education, innovation, ecology, organic agriculture, Haiku poetry, culture, poetry, writing, publishing, editing, photography, commercialization of own innovations, citizen’s activism, democracy activism, green policies advocation  Volunteer Work throughout



·         2000 – 2004 Three international silver medals and one gold medal for innovations (London, Nurnberg, Moscow, Pittsburgh).

·         Diplomas, certificates and awards for innovations, entrepreneurship and production of souvenirs. 

·         2002 – UNECE Portrait Gallery of Excellent Women Enerpreneurs

·         2004 – the GWIIN Top Ten Women Innovators Global Award

·         2005 – EXPO in Aichi, Japan: Global 100 Eco-Tech Award for Sweet Posy of Zagreb

·         Numerous international prizes for achievements in the field of haiku and haiku in education.

            Photography awards (Asahi, Mainichi), Japan.



            2 books of poetry, 1995 (Ceres) and 1996 (FS), Zagreb

            Anthology of Croatian Haiku, 2000 (ACHP), Zagreb

            Innovative Teaching Game, Haiku cards, 2000 (ACHP), Zagreb

            Poems and haiku published in numerous international anthologies, magazines & other publications, 1985 - 2007.                          


            Editing :          “Haiku” magazine, editor in chief, ACHP, 1998 – 2002

                                    “Culture of Japan”, a 5-volume series, ACHP, 2000

                                    “Haiku” series /4 books, Ceres, 1998 - 2004 

            Articles:           JAL inflight magazine, WINDS: photo & text packages, 1986 – 1990

                                     TOKYO NEWSLETTER, articles on Japanese culture,  1987-8

In the field of haiku, award-winning article: Haiku in education, WHF London 2000

In the field of haiku, a major role in a NHK TV haiku documentary, filmed in Japan, 45 min., 2002

In the field of haiku, a presenter in a NHK TV haiku documentary, filmed in Croatia, 74 minutes, 2002

            UN New York: DPI/NGO Briefing, 18 May 2006:  “The role of poetry in preserving cultural identity”

             Regular contributions at national and international economy and entrepreneurial conferences, symposia and other meetings, 2000 – 2008

            Regular contributions at national and international haiku conferences, symposia and other meetings, 2000 – 2008

            Regular judge at national and international haiku competitions.

            Regular workshops at home and abroad with the Haiku cards game

            Regular photography and photo-haiga exhibitions at Zagreb and national galleries, schools and libraries, 2000 - 2008    

            Regular public appearances through the media and public lectures            

            Since February 2007, publishing daily haiku blog as an interactive experiment/ haiku-related research in reaching out with poetic impact aimed at a young audience:

            Since August 2008: Registered Ecological Producer in agriculture