Name:                         István D. Mikus

                                     Chairman, Consultant, Adviser

                                     EUROPROFESSIONAL HUNGARY EC





·       B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, College of Mezőtúr (1962)

·       M.Sc. University of Agriculture, Gödöllő (1972)

·       IAC Fellowship in   Wageningen (1975) Individual Programme (Holland)

·       Economic studies at USDA/FAS and World Bank, Washington (1988) USA

·       Fellowship in University of Minnesota  (H. H. Humphrey Institute)    (1988) USA

·       Direct Marketing Seminar, Prof. Lewis (1990) Montreux

·       Direct Marketing Seminar, Prof. Vögele (1991) Montreux

·       Study Tour: visiting US Co-operatives and   Institutions (1992)

·       Door (Holland) - Marketing Communication Training, Cracovia  (1995)

·       Study Tours: SME Education and Training Centres in Flanders (1997-98-99-01-02-04)




·       National Institute of Agricultural Engineering: Research Assistant (2 years)

·       State Farm of Törökbálint: Managing Engineer (2 years)

·       National Institute of Agricultural Engineering: Research Worker (8 years)

·       Canning Industrial Research Institute of Hungary: Senior Research Worker (6 years)

·       Ministry of Agriculture and Food (Hungary), Agricultural Dept.: Associate Executive (3 years) Technical Development, Investment,Environmental Control, Alternative Energy Sources

·       Direction of Agriculture Sidi-Bel-Abbes (Algeria) - Investment and Financing: Counsellor Expert (1.5 years) - Demonstration and Training (1.5 years) Lamtar Pilot Project

·       Ministry of Agriculture and Food (Hungary), Economical Dept.: Chief of Section, Co-ordinator of World Bank Affairs (3 years), 2 Nation-wide Projects and preparatory work of  Agroprocessing Modernization Project

·       Maptech Services, Canning Machinery Ltd.: Manager of the Hungarian Office (half a year)

·       Agromarketing Ltd. (Hungary), Head of Consulting Office (2 years); Director (half a year)

·       Director of Nellex Ltd. (Hungary), 1993-1996

·       Volunteers in Overseas Co-operative Assistance (Washington D.C.) VOCA Office Budapest, Project Development (5 years) / Country Director in Hungary (4 years), 95+5 projects

·       HUDEFO Hungarian Development Foundation, Business Development Manager ( 1995-98)

·       Final evaluation of VOCA’s 5 years activity for USAID as independent expert

·       President of the Board Europrofessional Foundation 1998-2003


·        Head of Europrofessional Hungary EC (Education,Consulting,Research and Development) 2001-

·        Coordination for SYNTRA WEST, Brugge, Belgium (SME training) since 1998

·        Adviser in National Adult Education Institute for International and Cooperation field since 2003



·       Irrigation and drainage,expert in technical studies

·       Supervision of   management

·       Project development, management and evaluation

·       Rural development, expert of alternative energy

·       Environmental control, financing and agricultural training

·       Research and training for Labour Offices-(WATIS system)

·       Rural and Ecotourism expert by EU

·       Lecturer and organiser of SME and Manager Courses

·       Strategic and financial planning for Local Governments

·       Marketing, business and investment consulting

·       Registered national education and vocational training specialist


·       Former lecturer at Agricultural University of Gödöllő (GATE)

·       Former Board Member of the Debrecen University (DATE)

·       Advisor of the Agricultural Education Institute, Budapest (International Exchange)

·       Former evaluation Education Committee’s member and expert in Leonardo, Budapest and Brussels

·       EDEN (European Distance Education Network) membership   

·       NAP (Network of Academic Professionals) membership


·       USA (Pack Expo) Chicago 1990

·       Switzerland (Montreux) 1990,1991

·       France (Saint Lo) Horial (Press Conference Lecture) 1990

·       France (Paris) ADEPTA Forum, 1990

·       France (Montmorillon) SIMOC 1991

·       Kuwait Agricultural Fair (Press Conference Lecture) 1991

·       Germany (Berlin) Grüne Woche (Press Conference Lecture) 1992

·       Ukraine (Kiev) Food Producers Exhibition  (Press Conference Lecture) 1992

·       Denmark (Herning) 1994

·       Belgium (Brussels) European Marketing,Lecture, 1994

·       Switzerland (Geneva) UN Economical Session Meeting, 1995

·       Austria (Vienna) World Trade Centres Spring Meeting, 1996

·       Sweden (Lulea) EUROPARTENARIAT, 1996

·       Austria (Gumpolstein) Agriculture and Tourism Seminar, 1996

·       Switzerland (Geneva) UN ITC UNCTAD/WTO Session, 1996

·       Poland (Sielinko) Rural Development Seminar CEI 1997

·       Belgium (Gent) EU Association of Rural Development Environmental Seminar, 1997

·       Switzerland (Geneva) UN Economic Commission for Europe Session, 1997

·       Belgium (Brussels) A.E.I.A.R.  Conference, Agenda 2000 (DG-VI.) Seminar, 1998

·       Switzerland (Geneva) UN/ECE/SECI, SME Financing - Expert Meeting, 1998

·       Iceland (Reykjavik) Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit (Leonardo Programme), 1999

·       Switzerland (Geneva) UN/ECE Incubators and Industrial Parks, Round Table, 1999

·       Hungary(Budapest) Careers Guidance and Counselling Conference, 2000

·       Since 1998 in each year more Leonardo and Socrates meeting in European countries.



English, French, German, Hungarian (working languages)

Russian, Polish  (ground level of communication)



Over 100 publications

·       Articles in Magazines

·       Scientific publications

·       Feasibility Studies (Incubator Houses)

·       Business Plans (Industrial Park, Wholesale Markets)

·       Country Studies and Marketing Studies

·       Evaluations and development projects

·       Researches, Interim and Final Reports for Leonardo and Socrates Projects


Algeria - Austria - Belgium - Bulgaria –Cuba- Czech Republic - Denmark –Finland-  France – Germany- - Great-Britain - Greece - Holland – Iceland – Italy - Kuwait - Lithuania –Malta- Morocco - Mozambique –Norway -Poland –Portugal - Romania – Slovakia – Spain -South Africa- Swaziland - Sweden - Switzerland - Ukraine - USSR - Yemen - Yugoslavia -  UAE - USA