Personal Data




Dr. Gábor Nahlik



58, Rátz lászló str. , 1116 Budapest, Hungary












Date of birth


14, July 1948


Places of Employment


Period (from/until)


From 2002 Up to the present

Name and address of employer


University of veszprém departement of applied economics

10 Egyetem str. veszprém

Type of activity, branch



Occupation, position


associate professor, head of department

Main activities and tasks


Training of entrepreneurs, teaching media management


Qualifications and Skills

Degree of highest qualification

• Period (from/until)



• Name of awarded title


CSc of economic sciences


Mother tounge




Other language skills




English (good), Russian (good)




Social skills and abilities

Living together and point work with others in multicultural surroundings, in a position requiring communication, in situations postulating team work (for example in the fields of culture and sport) etc.


I had directed international teams for the development of the management courses

Organisational skills and abilities

Co-ordinating and managing people, projects and cost plans; in the workplace, as voluntary work (for example in the fields of culture and sport) or at home, etc.


As a Managing director of Euro-contact Business School I had developed the distance learning system for students in management subjects, and adapted courses of the Open-University Business School. I had directed an International project of the


Artistic skills and abilities

Music, writing, fine arts, etc.


I have produced a festival priced video program in management education.

I had edited books in management science.







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The effective manager (editor)

(Hungarian Version of Open University Business School Distance Learning Package) 12 books 6, audio cassettes, 1 video cassette, 1 guide, 6 reading books

Euro – Contact Business School  Budapest, 1990-91

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