Ms. Nino Elizbarashvili, the founder and the President of the Georgian Association Women In Business. In 1998 she established the first Business Incubator in Georgia. She is an Expert of Small and Medium Business. In 2000, the President of Georgia awarded her with the Award of Honour for supporting the small business development




            Date of Birth:               26 June 1950

            Place of Birth:              Tbilisi, Georgia

            Nationality:                  Georgian

            Marital Status:  Married, mother of two children

            President of the Association “Women in Business”, Founder of the First Business        Incubator in Georgia

         Contact:           1 Shanidze str.,Tbilisi -0179,Georgia ,



                                   Tel: (+99532) 221356/913466 Mob(+99577)419557

                                   Fax: (+99532)221356/



1993-  up to present    President of the Association "Women in Business"

1995 -  1996               Parliament of Georgia, Cultural Commission,   Member

1987 -  1995               Trade Union of Georgia, Chair

1980 -  1987               Georgian Publishing House, Georgian Communist Party Organization,       


1971 – 1979               Young Communist Party Organization in Mtashminda region of Tbilisi,                                                First Secretary




Graduated in Department of Economic History, Tbilisi State University in 1974

Bachelor’s degree in Economic Engineering at the Moscow Institute of Electric           Communication in 1997/2005

Business Internship Program, California/ USA     

Business Training Course /Columbia, USA/,




11/10/2008      Conference ON “Women entrepreneurs in Europe” Belgium Brussels


10/2007           5th MENA inc Workshop “Shaping the Future through Innovation and                                    Entrepreneurship” Middle and South Africa, Bahrein


03/2007           Conference on” Balkan women coalition” ,Romania ,USAID/CIPE


05/2006           Participation in the Business Programme  ”SME ’s development and  macro                credit” ,UNECE organized in Israel


11/2005           Participation in the “ Incubation Development Regional Workshop” (Armenia)


05/2005           Participation in Business Internship Program held in California, USA


03/2005           World Business Women Symposium in Istanbul


01/2005           Workshop on” Business Incubator development in Transition  Economies” World                   Bank, GZJ


12/2004           Participation in the UNECE Regional Preparatory  Meeting ” Beijing +10”                  held in Geneva


08/2004           Participation in the Program Women’s Leadership Development and Coalition                        Building in Georgia, Women’s Leadership Summer School, ODIHR/OSEC,                    Georgia


06/2004           Conference on “Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in South Caucasus:                 status quo and perspectives for further development in the region”/IIZ/DVV,              Germany


05/2004           Executive Forum on ”Competing in a Changing Europe”, Geneva


01/2004           Participation in the Regional Symposium on “Mainstreaming Gender  into                    Economic Policies”, Geneva


12/2003           Participation in the Workshop on” SME Development in South Caucasian                  Transition Economies”, Istanbul


05/2003           Participation in the Mountain regions meeting in the Pyrenees, Spain 

10/2002           2nd Regional UNECE Forum of women-entrepreneurs, Geneva


09/2002           Participation  in the United Nations department of information The 55th  Annual                                   Conference on ”Rebuilding societies  emerging from conflict: A shared                                                responsibility”, UN Headquarters, New York


03/2002           Mountain regions meeting in “Auronzo Di  Cadore” ,Italia


10/2001           FIRST UNECE Forum of Women Entrepreneurs,  Geneva


06/2000           Participation  in the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on                   "Women  2000: Gender - Equality, Development and Place for the 21st                                    Century,- Beijing+5, New York


10/1999           Participation in the Business Round Table on” Information Technology                                    Magistral”, USAID Washington D.C,K, Now York, California, USA


03/1999           Participation in Strengthening the NGO sector in Georgia- Study Tour - IPPF

                        European  Network, London ,UK


02/1999           Regional Summit on SME Development for the 21st  Century, USAID, Sofia


10/1998           Caucasus Women’s Leadership Conference and Training Program -                           USAID/AED,             Georgia


09/1998           "Promoting Trade and Democracy in the Black Sea region" - a multi- regional                         strategy meeting for CEE, NIS and Turkey - CIPE,  Moscow, Russia


03/1998           "Women in 21st  Century" Women International conference –  Winrock                                  International, Ukraine


10/1997           Business Training Courses for Women Entrepreneurs - Counterpart                            International      Georgia, Tbilisi


10/1997           Conference on “Civil society and Development ALFA-TV” , Hungary


 09/1997          Strengthening Women’s Business Organizations -  CIPE  Conference,                                    Washington D.C, USA


08/1997           Business Training Course , Business Internship Program, USAID,  USA


06/1997           Georgian Women Leadership Seminar  -  The United States Information

                        Service ,Georgia


 05/1997          Conference on “Democratic Change/Partners, conflict management and                                  negotiation techniques”, Russia


05/1996           Cconference on “Civil society and Development ALFA-TV”, Hungary



  • Member of the International Foundation for Cooperation, Board of Trustees, ALFA-TV
  • Member of the Parliament Commission on Women's Rights protection
  • Member of Network of East-West Women
  • Member of USA-NIS Women Consortium
  • Member of the Global Development Network (The economic development Institute of the World Bank)  
  • International Fellow of International Federation of Business and Professional Women (FCEM)
  • Member of Women’s NGO-s Coalition in Georgia of OSCE/ODIHR
  • Member Associated of UN DPI/NGO
  • Member of the President Council of small and medium business development in Georgia
  • From 2002   Member of the UNECE Team of Specialists on Women’s Entrepreneurship (Geneva)



12/2000           Award of Honour for Promotion and Development of Small Entrepreneurship                         in  Georgia by the Government of Georgia




”Women in small Business”-Magazine  ”Business Heard”, Georgia-1998

“Women in the transitional  Country”-book, Moscow, Russia-1999

“Women and Information Technology”-Magazine  ”Economic Reform Today”-

            1999, 2000, 2002

“Women’s Business Associations”-magazine” Economic Reform To day ”, USA –CIPE/2000


“Georgian Association ”Women in Business” –brochure, UNECE,2002,Geneva

“Woman and Economy”-brochure of Coalition women ,s NGO/Georgia 2003

“Women in Small Business, Barriers and Opportunities of Gender Integration 

  Development in Georgia” magazine-“Business Herald”-2004

  “How  to Start Own Business”  - brochure,2005

 “Women Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation in Georgia”, magazine-IFC,2006

“Promoting business   incubation as an  effective tool in  tourism  development”

  magazine” Georgian Times” 2008


            Computer proficient in MS Office(Word and Excel),Norton Commander and             Windows



            Georgian (mother tongue)

            Russian Fluent

            English Good