Peter Odrakiewicz


Poznan University College of Business and Foreign Languages

Vice-Provost Poznanska Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu i Jezykow Obcych.


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dr. Peter Odrakiewicz-assistant professor in Department of Economics and Management in PWSBiJO (Poznan University College of Business and Foreign Languages), since 2006 head of Department of Foreign Languages in a University College, dr Odrakiewicz has been educated in Canada(University of Western Ontario-Soc. Science Degree), Business post diploma and management sciences education from London Ontario and USA where he  completed his doctoral degree in Business Administration-International Management specialization,


Post graduate studies in Canada and USA included: ( Marketing, Business Finance and Communication, Business Management Program-Ontario Management Development Program- London, Ontario);1996 Certificate in Management – Ontario, Effective Supervision- Human Relations, Administration, Team Building and Leadership courses), during his work as an accounts’ executive manager for DaimlerChrysler Canada in Mississauga, Ontario dr Odrakiewicz was awarded with’ Western Union Chrysler Credit Canada’ best employee award in 2002 and completed additional College training certification in credit granting and collection procedures(Toronto, Canada 2002), in addition to his academic duties,author of several scientific publications(peer reviewed articles)


dr Odrakiewicz was appointed on the board of AMEX PPHU-company dealing with advertising, marketing and business consultancy services in Poland and EU.


He is an  author of the cycle of  „ English for Economics and Business” series of lectures and coauthor with R. Karwel (U of T grad.-Economics) of „Management in Business” lectures presently taught in Poznan University College of Business and Foreign Languages,  in June 2006 he has presented a speech during an international ‘Innovation in Management conference’ in Poznan on „ Extrapolation on management methods of ‘Business English’ education of global citizens in interconnected multicultural intertwined world”, 2007 co-author 2 management science books (USA-Univ Wisc.Mad.)


dr Odrakiewicz motto is” to empower everyone in the process, to instill critical evaluation skills in order for everyone involved to reach  the best decision potential in a globalized interconnected world), member of Polish Association for Canadian studies, King’s University College-alumni association, University of Western Ontario alumni association-London,Canada, dr Odrakiewicz is a supporter of ‘student in need ‘ program through King’s University College and assisting needy families through ‘Save a Family Plan’- a recognized Canadian and American charitable organizations.


Dr Odrakiewicz is a scientific member of Academy of Management, New York and Philadelphia/USA influential in management of education research international circles and an active member of an International Association for Cross Cultural Management in Vienna University of Economics and Business (Wirtschafts University Vienna) being invited to lecture in International Business and Research oriented conferences from Philadelphia to Shanghai. In 2007 dr Odrakiewicz has successfully presented his comparative analysis of education research in one of the European leading best research institutions Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University where his findings where discussed with a great success with managers, scientific faculty and professors from leading worldwide universities including University of Cambridge and Ivey league business schools. As an EDINEB member/ dr Odrakiewicz presented innovative methods of Business English as a second language acquisition in an intercultural intertwined world during an international scientific conference in Vienna in 2007, in 2007 Romanian Universities’led by Partium Christian University in Oradea are interested in implementing dr Odrakiewicz “Extrapolation” method in their teaching approach approach interests include ethical decision making in business, fencing, swimming and reading philosophy and psychology as an applied science. Married, one child.