Prof.  Zoltán Román (D.Sc.)


Date of birth:              05.03.1924.

Nationality:                 Hungarian

Education:                   Mechanical Engineer

                                                Doctor of Economic Sciences



After practical work in business, in the Ministry of Industry, teaching at the University of Economics in Budapest he was working 12 years in the Hungarian Central Statistical Office. Here he dealt with in up-grading positions primarily methodology, international co-operation and comparisons and prepared publications on industry, productivity and structural changes. In the next twenty years, 1968-1988 he was director of the Research Institute of Industrial and Business Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Yielding this place to his successor he was and is working now as independent advisor. He kept close affiliation to the HASc, to its section Economics and Law and to its scientific committees. In 2000-2007 he was working again mainly for the Hungarian Central Statistical Office; he prepared several publications for the HCSO and represented the office in numerous international conferences, working groups.


Besides of the diploma in mechanical engineering (Budapest Technical University) he has the degree Doctor of Economic Science of the HASc, Honorary Professor of the Budapest Corvinus University. He was in several cycles President and now he is Honorary President of the Industrial and Business Economics Committee of the HASc and of the Section Industry and Entrepreneurship of the Hungarian Economic Association. He published a dozen of books, more than 300 studies and articles, over100 in foreign languages. His major topics were and are productivity, innovation, industrial policy and in the last decades increasingly: Entrepreneurship and SME policy. In 1990-1999 he was President of the Hungarian Small Business Association and preserves close contacts with SME associations.


International Activities


He had a large number of shorter and longer assignments with international organizations: OECD, UN, UNIDO, UNECE, UNDP, UNCTAD. He was in two cycles President of the EANPC (European Association of National Productivity Centres); Board member of the EARIE (European Association of Research in Industrial Economy). He is a founding member (1988) of the European Council of Small Business, he was member of the ICSB Board, of the ECSB Board (in several cycles), of the WASME Board. Now he is an ECSB Fellow, member of the OECD WPSMEE (Working Party of SMEs and Entrepreneurship) and of the OECD EISG (Entrepreneurship Indicators Steering Committee); member of the Editorial Board of the International Small Business Journal, the International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, of the Journal of Business Economics.


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