Rshtun Martirosyan

1. Family name: Martirosyan

2. First names: Rshtun

3. Date of birth: 27 October 1963

4. Nationality: Armenian


5. Education:


Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

January 1996 – December 1998

National Academy of Science of Armenia, Postgraduate School. MA in Sociology

September 1983 – June 1990

Yerevan State University, Department of Philosophy and Sociology. Honours Diploma in Sociology and Philosophy

September 1993 – July 1994

American University of Armenia, Extension Department. Certificate: State Policy and Management

6. Language skills:






Mother tongue









Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)

7. Memberships: Armenian Sociological Association, LED Academy

8. Other skills: Yerevan Music School after Romanos Melikyan. Piano

9. Present position: Local Economic Development Programmes coordinator

10. Years within the firm: 1

11. Key qualifications:

·                     Value Chain Program Design,

·         Policy design and strategy planning for private sector development programs,

·         Organization of private sector studies on SME development,

·         Design of SME development national and regional programs,

·         Development of programs for creation of Industrial zones, Business Incubators and clusters.

·         Strategic planning for creation of an SME Development National Centre and its nationwide structure,

·         Conception, organisation and execution of management training courses and workshops,

·         Professional participation in different boards on regional development

·         Identification of potential host organizations for local economy development programmes (LED)

·         Preparation and organization of LED exercises

·         Impact monitoring and evaluation of LED results

12. Professional experience







2007 until now


LED Academy


·  Design and implementation LED Programs,

·  Manage LED Academy activity.

2006 until now



LED program coordinator

·  Implementation of local economy development programmes (LED) in Armenia;

·  Identification of potential host organizations nationwide for LED exercises

·  Organizing LED exercises in the identified areas, including all work from accommodation for the LED experts team, the facilitation of exercises with workshops and interviews to monitoring and evaluation of the impact and the follow-up

2002 - 2005


SME Development National Centre

Executive Director

·  Implement the state policy on small and medium entrepreneurship development;

·  Manage and implement annual state programs on small and medium entrepreneurship development in Armenia and coordinate programme proceeding;

·  Conduct surveys using different methods (selective and expert);

·  Design and implement small and medium entrepreneurship development and regional economic development programmes with Donor organizations (WB, UNDP, OSCE, EU TASIC, BSEC, USAID, DFID, JICA, GTZ, EOMEX);

·  Establish a network of small and medium entrepreneurship support and development structures (SME DNC branches) in all regions (10 marzes) of Armenia;

·  Organizing and facilitating SME Forums and Workshops;

·  Representing private sector support infrastructure of Armenia in international forums;

·  Participate in drafting of laws and other legal documents related to SMEs and regional economic development;

·Manage and supervise SME DNC staff.

!999 - 2002



Ministry of Trade and Economic Development


Head of SME Development Department


·  Design and execute the SME Development and SME support regional infrastructure development policy and strategy;

·  Prepare annual reports on the SME sphere in Armenia;

·  Conduct research on SME related issues;

·  Regularly monitor SME sector and analyse the results as well as study the existing statistics;

·  Organise the First All Armenian SME forum in December 1999;

·  Participate in drafting laws and other legal documents related to SMEs and regional economic development;

·  Plan and organise business forums, conferences, seminars and meetings for expert groups;

·  Manage and supervise the staff of the SME Development Department.

!997 - 1999


Ministry of industry and trade,


Head of Microeconomic Programs

· Participate in the design of the policy and strategy for private sector development in Armenia;

· Develop programs for creations of Industrial Zones in different regions of Armenia;

· Assist in developing micro programs to support SMEs;

· Participate in drafting laws and other legal documents related to private sector development;

· Plan and organize business forums, conferences, seminars and meetings for expert groups;

· Coordinate TACIS Programme “SME Development Strategy in Armenia” AR-10;

· As a member of BSEC SME working group, participate in BSEC seminars held twice a year in Istanbul, Turkey;

· Manage and supervise the staff of the SME Development Department

1994 - 1996



UNICEF, “Healty Vilige” Program


Head of sociological group


·Conduct sociological research and fact analysis in the border regions of Armenia;

·Conduct assessment of economic and social priorities in selected border communities;

·Conduct assessment of the economic potential in the selected border communities;

·Design social and economic development programmes for selected border communities of Armenia;

1990 - 1994



National Academy of Science of Armenia


Research Officer


·Carry out sociological research among young people involved in Kharabakh Liberation Movement;

·Carry out Marketing research;

·Conduct sociological surveys on the Referendum of the Independence of Armenia in 1991;

·Conduct observations of social, economic and psychological consequences of the Earthquake in the North of Armenia in 1988.


13.                 Other relevant information (e.g., Publication)


Trainings and Courses


·         February-November 1998, “Modern methods of Effective Management of SMEs”. Greek organization of SMEs and Handicraft. Certificate.


·         October-November 2000, “Promotion of SMEs”. JICA, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Small Business Management and Technology Institute, Japan Bank for International Cooperation. Certificate.

·         September 2004, “The financial support of the Entrepreneurship Regional Programmes”.     Nidzitsa Development Foundation, Poland. Certificate.


·         October 2005, “The role of SMEs in Regional and Locale Development”. UNDP – EDUCON, Czech republic, Certificate.

·         March 2006, “Locale Economic Development Program PACA (Participatory Appraisal of Competitive Advantage) methodology”, GTZ /ProSME, Yerevan. Certificate.

·         July 2007, LED Summer Academy, Duisburg, Germany

·         June 2008, Value Chain Program Design: Promoting Market Solutions for MSMEs, Washington, USA,


·         Development of the SME sector in Armenia”. (Research, English), January 2007, ERENET PROFILE, ISSUE Vol. II, N 1, Budapest, Hungary.

·         Перспективы развития франчайзинга в Армении и международное экономическое сотрудничество”, (статья, на русском), Февраль 2006, журнал «Купи брэнд» Франчайзинг в России».

·         Dozens articles in Armenians particularized magazines and newspaper on the subject of the economic developments in Armenia during 1997 – 2006 (Armenian).

·         Dozens articles in Armenians particularized magazines and newspaper on the subject of the sociological researches, public opinion, socio-economic situation in Armenia during 1990 – 2006 (Armenian).

·         The personality in the cross-road”, (Research. Armenian), Armenian Academy of Science. March 1996.

·         Co-author of the monograph “Disaster area: Economic, social and psychological problems”, (Research. Armenian), Armenian Academy of Science. February 1995.