Prof.  Gabriela Cecilia Julieta Stanciulescu

Academy of Economic Studies




Affiliation and official address:

Professor, Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce,

Chair of Tourism-Services, Piata Romana nr. 6, Bucharest-1, Romania, Phone/Fax : ++40 21 319 1996

Home: Phone:  ++40 21 224 61 35; Fax:  (+40.1) 224.48.28;

Mobile: 0040 745 985040 or 0040 728 884595




Nationality: Romanian                                                                       


Education (degrees, dates, universities):


1971                Studies of Economics, Academy of Economic Studies (ASE), Faculty of Commerce, Bucharest, Romania. Degree: MB in Economics

1983                                Ph.D. in Economics, ASE, Bucharest, Romania.

1990                                Specialization in Marketing, Wirtschaftsuniversität, Vienna, Austria

1990-1992             MA in Public Administration, French National School of Administration (ENA), Paris,

1994/1995       Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Business         Administration, Chair of Marketing Entrepreneurship


Foreign languages


                        Romanian, Hungarian – maternal

                        English, French – accredited translator

                        German, Russian – good knowledge


Career/Employment (employers, positions and dates):


2004 – Present             Dean, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Department of Tourism-Services

2000-2004                   Vice Dean in charge with the Academic International Cooperation

1999 – Present             Full Professor, Academy of Economic Studies, Faculty of Commerce, Chair of Tourism-Services

1998 – 1999                Training Manager, United Nations Organization, Division of Sea Law, Train-Sea Coast Programme

1998 – 1999                Freelance consultant, Local Government Initiative, Budapest, Hungary

-         Author of the Country Paper: Local Government in Romania

-         Project Evaluator for projects on graduate new courses

1997-1998                   Vice-Rector, Black Sea University Foundation. Main field of activity:

-    Coordinating the management and training team for about 30 international courses     attended yearly by over 800 participants from the Black Sea countries (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Republic of Moldavia, Romania, Russian Federation, Turkey, and Ukraine). The courses’ topics are included in five major chapters: “Management and Economics”, “Ecology Sea Resources”, “International Relations and Conflict Prevention”, “Advanced and Applied Science”, “Culture and Contemporary Problems”.

1996-1997                   Freelance Marketing Consultant and Trainer, EC/PHARE Project-Technical   Assistance for Managerial Training to Commercial Companies in the Agro-Food Industrial Sector Managed by FINNCONSULT in association with IGIA France and Larive Romania S.R.L.

Main fields of activity:

-         Marketing studies for restructuring and privatizing companies in the Agro-food industrial sector in Neamt, Cluj and Alba counties;

-         Review of all relevant aspects concerning adjustment of non-governments to the conditions of market economy such as: strategic analysis of the organization, capital structure and financing, employment issues (overstaffing etc), advising marketing on all relevant corporate issues

-         Pin-pointing financing requirements of the company

-         Conducting, training, workshops and courses on Total Quality Marketing for top and middle managers in key institutions from the Agro-food industrial sector;

-         Promoting new investment instruments to company top managers, helping to boost sales and profiles.

1994-1995             Fulbright Fellowship, The University of Illinois at Chicago, Coleman/Denton Thorne Chair of Entrepreneurship

Main field of activity:

-         Carrying out marketing studies on the Entrepreneurial Spirit in the East European countries: research data was gathered via 375 questionnaires sent out to respondents in Romania and Poland;

-         Organizing workshops for American Entrepreneurs intending to open businesses in Romania and other East European countries:

-         International Entrepreneurship: developments in the former communist countries, Denver, Colorado, January, 1995

-          East European Small Business-International Networking, El Paso, Texas, April 1995.

-         Establishing contacts through “Romanian-American Mid-West Chamber of Commerce” from Chicago which led to establish new investments in Bucharest, in the Tourism industry

1990-1992      MA in Public Administration, French National School of Administration (ENA), Paris, France, Promotion “Condorcet”

1992-1994            Project Authorizing Officer (PAO) and Manager EC/PHARE Project-Technical

Assistance to Small and Medium-sized Romanian Enterprises, managed by CNA Veneto-Italy in association with the Foundation “Romanian Center for Small and Medium Sized Enterprise”.

In charge of this project (developing a coherent frame of measures and actions devoted to favor the take-off the private sector), over two-year period carried out a large range of activities such as:

-         Selection of the five pilot SMEDCs funded through the Phare Program

-         Monitoring the lending support and technical assistance to the Small-Medium-sized Enterprise Development Centers (5 SMEDCs all around Romania)

-         Monitoring the lending support and technical assistance to the Business Incubators Centers (BIC), including the selection of the entrepreneurs who needed technical and financial assistance

-         Financial analysis of business organizations including corrective managerial action for turnaround or restructuring; promotion of SMEs, providing seed capital and business plans for newly established enterprises

At present all these centers and incubators are successfully in operation.


1971-1976             Computer Expert, National Co-Operative Movement Headquarters

Significant accomplishments were:

-         To design software programs to control production, imports and exports

-         To handle corporate relations with Government, foreign partners and media


1976-1992       Lecturer, ASE, Bucharest, Faculty of Trade, Chair of Marketing


1992- 1998      Assistant Professor, ASE, Bucharest, Faculty of Trade, Chair of Tourism- Services.

                        The goals I accomplished in this position were:

-         To develop skills to teach undergraduates and train specialists

-         To manage and deliver effective lectures, workshops and seminars

-         To create networking groups and educational policy

-         to coordinate international university cooperation (in charge of training and exchange programmes of students and professors with Universities from Canada, France, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, etc.)


National and international projects awards


Research concerning the sustainable tourism development in the Black Sea coastal countries, National Council of University Research Project, 1999

Management of public utilities, World Bank Project, 2000

Research concerning the Danube economic and tourism potential, National Council of University Research Project, 2001

Inflation evolution and trends in the new market economies. Romanian case, CERES National competition, 2004




(i)   Main field               - tourism/marketing

(ii) Other fields  - public administration

(iii) Current research     - EC financial support, evaluation of institutional, economic and financial matters, privatization policy, utilization of state financial support programs, cooperation with banking institutions, familiar with entrepreneurs associations and the whole spectrum of economic cooperation


Honors, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies

                        Member of the Board of Trustees, European Retail Academy, 2005

Romanian Association of Marketing (AROMAR), Bucharest, Romania, 1981

Alumni Association of the French National of Administration (Promotion “Condorcet”),1992 Paris, France and Bucharest (1999), Romania

Alumni Fulbright Association, Bucharest, Romania 1996




Number of papers in referred journals:                          112

Number of communications to scientific meetings:                      142

Number of Books:                                                                    22




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