Date and place of birth: 18th of November 1967, Târnãveni


  • 1974 – 1986 the primary school, the secondary school and the high school at “UNIREA” high school in Tg-Mureº.
  • 1986 – 1991 the Faculty of  Economics at “Al. I. Cuza” University, Iasi.

Academic preparation:

  • December 1991 and January 1992 – Training program in computer science organized under approval of the Ministry of Education and Science no. 39446/08.07.1991 . 
  • 15th of February – 20th of April 2003 – I participate and graduate the course “Instructors- Molders” organized by the Education and Improvement Center  in PHARE RO Program  no.
  • In November 2003  I graduated “Student Company” and “Work Place” Modulus unfolded in Economical and Entrepreneurship Program in association with Junior Achievement Romania under the approval of the Ministry of Education and Science no. 10184/14.05.2003 . 

Primary teaching area: Economics.

Present teaching area: Economics.

Foreign languages: English, French.

Doctorate: the public presentation of the thesis “A study on the firm competitiveness under adjustment to the business environment” took place on  27th of June 2002. It was confirmed by the National Council of University Certificates, Diplomas and Titles Attestation in the meeting from the 6th of October 2002.

Relevant leadership experience:

  • From 2004 and in present I am the head of the Management and Economic Department.

Awarded degrees: lecturer  (through the Minister’s order no. 3950 / 5th of June 2001).


Addresses and telephone:

  • At work: Nicolae Iorga street, no. 1, Târgu-Mureº, tel/fax: 00-40-265-255554
  • At home: Pandurilor street, no. 109, Târgu-Mureº tel. 00-40-265-260874;

mobile 00-40744-504699.