1. Description of the organisation


Syntra West is a not for profit organisation set up in 1960 which is providing 3,5 million training hours every year for about 55,000 trainees. We are working with 2,000 part-time trainers and a staff of 200 persons.

Our target groups are company managers, senior staff and employees of small and medium-sized companies. Besides, we are making our know-how and structure available towards non-profit organisations and public enterprises.

The offer is made up of short term and long term training sessions, initiation, rush courses, broken down into 4 groups:


n    Technical training sessions in 200 professions

n    Management training

n    IT training

n    Specific language courses in which we are mostly working with native speakers as trainers. We also developed our own training and didactical material.


Also for professional and specialised tuition, individual training and follow opportunities are available.


There are three levels of training:

n    Apprenticeship: learning a trade on-the-job whilst completing compulsory education

n    Business training: business economy and business techniques for self-employed people, employees, managers and SME-staff

n    Extra training and upgrading: short term training sessions for established self-employed people, employees, managers and SME-staff


Syntra West is acknowledged for receiving training cheques and is ISO 9001-certified. The departments Management and Informatics are also Q*For-certified.  


2. Project experience


At the moment, the 3 Project Managers of Syntra West are co-ordinating about 20 projects with a national, European, bilateral or international character.

2 kinds of projects:

* On the one hand, Syntra West is developing and is co-ordinating projects focused on the transfer of know-how. This is the case for the co-operation with South-Africa and Rwanda and some of the former Eastern-European countries (Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland).


* On the other hand, we are realising projects with a high degree of innovation: new methodologies, tools and training modules which are used in the daily working of our institute.


We received the title ‘ESF Ambassador 2005’, for our developed tool to detect the competences of SME-workers.