Dr. Antal Szabó, UN retired Regional Adviser, Scientific Director of the ERENET working at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in Geneva.

  • He graduated in 1965 from the University for Oil and Gas (Moscow), receiving a Masters of Science in Process Control and Instrumentation Engineering.
  • In 1971 he received a Master of Science in Semiconductor Electronics from the Budapest Technical University.
  • In 1975 he became Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) in Automation Devices at the Budapest Technical University
  • He holds a Diploma in Management Studies from the Buckinghamshire College (UK).
  •  In 1995 he became a Member of the Hungarian Engineering Academy.


From September1994 he became a staff member of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, as Regional Adviser on Indstry and Technology and later on Entrepreneurship and SMEs. He retired from the UNECE on 1 July 2005. However, he became a Consultant on Entrepreneurship and SMEs of the same organization.


The UNECE’s Programme for the Development of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Countries in Transition and Emerging Market Economies (further as CITs) aims at accelerating and assisting the creation of a sustainable supportive business environment for SMEs (policy and legislative framework and supportative infrastructural institutional and organisational elements like to establish business support institutions, business incubation, provide access to financial resources though non/conventional financial intermediaries, promote access to technology and innovation, improve competitiveness through quality orientation, develop responsible and social entrepreneurship, ensure equal opportunities for women entrepreneurs and youth, etc.).


Dr. Antal Szabó provides technical assistant to the UNECE’s Governments in formulating their national SME policies and support programme, collect statistics on SMEs, organizes forums on best practice on national policies and programmes of promotion of entrepreneurship and SMEs in the transition economies as well as expert meetings on benchmarking of various aspects of supporting and operating SMEs. He drafted a policy paper entitled “Declaration on the SMEs at the Dawn of the 21st Century”, which has been adopted within the framework of the CEI and BSEC and the adaptation in CIS is in progress. During the last eleven years of his assignment he visited nearly all CITs and many other advances market economies. He created a large virtual network of SME national focal points in the UNECE region. He intensively assists in developing entrepreneurship and SME sector in the Caucasian transition economies and organized several workshop and study tour for the representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.


Dr. Antal Szabó maintains a special web-site on the SME Development in the UNECE region (see at http://www.unece.org/indust/sme/ece-sme.htm). He created the UNECE Teams of Specialists on Quality Management Systems and on Youth Entrepreneurship. He is a Member of the International Board of the World Youth Bank Network and the Swiss-based EYE – Entrepreneurship for Youth Empowerment initiative. He is the Co-finder of the ERENET, the International Network of Central-Eastern European Entrepreneurial Research and Training Institutions Network of Universities dealing with entrepreneurship research and education in Central and Eastern-Europe.


He is a key-note speaker on entrepreneurship and SME development especially in CITs and Europe at many international conference and events, like the World Conference of ICSM in Belfast, annual International Conferences on SMEs to be held in Slovenia, OSEC Parliamentary Conference in Bern, European Days on Entrepreneurs in Zagreb, SMEs - The Economic Development Driver Conference in Belgrade, Training Workshop on “The Development of Entrepreneurship and SME Sector in the Republic of Moldova” in Chisinau, The CIS Forum on Youth in Kiev, Workshop on “The Development of Entrepreneurship in the Caucasian Countries” and OECD International Conference on SMEs in Istanbul, Armenian Incubation Development Regional Workshop in Yerevan, etc.

You can contact Mr. Szabó at the following address:

Dr. Antal Szabó

UN retired Regional Adviser on Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Scientific Director of the ERENET

H-1118 Budapest, Pecz S.u.4., D.ép.fszt.1, Hungary

Phone/Fax: (+361) 2461353

E-mail: antal.szabo@gmail.com