Tibor Szekfü


Personal details:



Tibor Szekfü (mother’s name: Julianna Nyikos)

Place and date of birth:

Dunaújváros, 28 February 1965


8000 Székesfehérvár, József A. u. 23. 4/13.





College of Finance and Accountancy, Budapest

Affiliated department in Székesfehérvár


Specialized in Business Administration


Diploma number



Diploma rating




Bachelor of Business Administration



Technical College of Donát Bánki

Affiliated department, Székesfehérvár


Specialized in machine manufacturing technology


Diploma number



Diploma rating




Certified Industrial Engineer



Miklós Ybl Secondary School of Transport Engineering, Székesfehérvár


Final exam certificate No.:




School-leaving examination


Professional courses:



Small Enterprise Network, The Netherlands:

Micro Credit Management





Fejér Enterprise Agency



Managing Director





Ø      Full professional management of the working organization of the foundation and the Enterprise Agency.



Fejér Enterprise Agency



Deputy Managing Director, Finance Director





Managing the activities of the financing division, attending the tasks of the Deputy Managing Director:

Ø      Vocational management of the National Microcredit Program in Fejér County: developing the internal registration system linked to the operation of the program, the debtor rating system, as well as the applied system of documentation.

Ø      Developing the Rules of Operation of the Financing Program.

Ø      Developing and introducing local credit programs („Fehérvár credit”; „IBM credit construction” etc.).

Ø      Vocational management of the development of the integrated client and credit account register, as well as the managerial information system and debtor rating system software.

Ø      Developing the Internet based credit information and service provider system, managing the development activities. (

Ø      Teaching financial planning at courses run to entrepreneurs.

Ø      Creating an advisory network, managing advisory programs.



Basic Health Care Provider Institution of Székesfehérvár



IT and technical advisor





Ø      Organizing basic computer technology courses to GPs and their assistants,

Ø      Preparing the syllabus and notes for the course, holding basic computer technology courses.

Ø      Developing the exam requirements and handling the exams.

Ø      Attending the tasks of System Administrator (NOVELL NETWARE), teaching the basic medical software, installing computers at the NHI district surgeries.



VIDEOTON Television Ltd, Székesfehérvár

Department dealing with the development of measurement techniques and instruments



Developing Engineer





Ø      Planning receiving devices necessary for the mass production of electrical installations, arranging their production, preparing the entire production documentation.

Ø      Developing the software for the computerized system of documentation.

Achievements: several studies of mine and an innovation (an instrument designed by me in order to improve the quality of the mixing module of the THOMSON television) received recognition at a tender invited to create up-to-date solutions for the production tools of the digital television line.



Activities performed as an Expert


As an expert of the Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Promotion (MVA):

Ø      Developing the financing strategy of small enterprises of MVA in 1998.

Ø      Developing the debtor rating system of the Microcredit Program as well as the Program for Supporting Enterprises Involved in Sporting Activities.

Ø      Developing the system of documentation of the National Microcredit Program (business plan, other forms).

Ø      As a registered expert of the European Union teaching the debtor rating system and coverage evaluation to professionals dealing with microfinance.

As an expert of the Hungarian Enterprise Promotion Network Consortium:

Ø      Participating in the Microcredit Working Group of the Ministry of Economy and Transport in 2004.

Ø      Preparing the concept of the decentralization reform of the National Microcredit Program in 2006, managing the introduction of the amendments on national level.

Ø      Attending the tasks of the chairman of the Microcredit National Professional Committee of the Consortium (MOSZB).

Ø      Developing the operating concept of the local microcredit funds established within the scope of the National Microcredit Program, launching the programs nationwide, developing the documents regulating crediting (rules, manual, crediting assistance, forms, etc.).

Ø      Developing and managing pilot projects in co-operation with the European Microfinance Network.


Other information:


Computer literacy: MS-Office, Corel Draw, Photopoint, Multimedia applications