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It's better to light a candle

than to curse the darkness (China)


Born in Vicenza in 1941, he graduated in law at Padua University and gained a Master in Company Organisation from CUOA in 1967.


Consultant, trainer, researcher since 1968 for trade associations, corporations, chambers of commerce and small and medium businesses.


APCO - Professional Association of Company Organisation and Management Consultants. - Member since 1988. Internationally certified ICMCI consultant since 1991.


Founder and national vice-president of AICOD 1988-92, then Fonti-Confindustria external consultant.


Past-president of the Assindustria Vicenza High Value-Added Service Industry sector.


European Union Expert on Integrated Mediterranean Programmes and Generational Changeover.


How the Business Transfer was born?

A short account.


Toni Brunello's field of experience has been with small and medium industrial and artisan companies, and their trade organisations, right from the start.

On the basis of experience and awareness gained in cultural and geographic areas then at the forefront (1968), his intention was to make experience that seemed to be the sole domain of big companies available to small ones as well.


The problem of Generational Changeover.

In the course of his management consultancy work in the early 1980s - since 1972 focused mainly on the development of entrepreneurial and human resources - Brunello found himself in several small businesses that were then going through the drama of generational changeover.


In search of techniques, new tools, language and other peoples' experiences.

In attempting to understand the dynamics of the problem and identify tools for resolving it, he realised how little was offered by organisational theory for dealing with the fairly occasional occurrences then taking place, and how much less for those affecting small businesses.


Training and consultancy work.

He nevertheless began reflecting on and studying the matter, developing training programmes with associations (1983-91) and consultancy work with companies (1980s and early '90s) that in the early '90s resulted in several more targeted studies and the first real clarification of the problem.


Targeted projects, research and documentation.

The project entitled 'Tomorrow, when I'll be young... a company can say so', conducted in various stages for the Ancona Assindustria over a period of five years and still open to new developments, was launched after publication of an article in the AICOD magazine (1993).

A study was made on a sample of fifty-odd family businesses in the course of that programme, followed up by a comparative workshop with the participation of senior and junior entrepreneurs, in parallel with direct consultancy work and the first publication of the survey conducted.


Experience as European Union expert.

Following on from these specific experiences, Brunello was involved in preparation work in Brussels for the important Lille 1997 European Forum. He took part in the latter as an EU expert on the processes of Intergenerational Business Transfer.

Since 1999, Mr Antonio Brunello, with Mr Carlo Spagnoli of Unioncamere Rome, is the official Italian technical member.

The Expert Group did ten meetings in three years, and produced two important Reports:

-         Best Report June 2002

-         MAP Report August 2003

All the documentation is available on the web-page:

In the first Report there was a list of 34 European Best Practices; 6 of these are Italian; 3 (kit.brunello, Laboratorium, Transfbiz Exchange-Letter) have been produced by the Atelier StudioCentroVeneto for SME’s Business Transfer and Continuity.


The Brunello 'Handing over: …from one generation to the next' Kit, in the Edizioni Il Sole-24 Ore.

The most significant results of these and other experiences were collected into an interactive self-analysis kit entitled 'Handing over: …from one generation to the next', now defined as the KitBrunello, published by the Edizioni Il Sole-24 Ore as an insert with MondoEconomico and circulated in over 50,000 copies.


The European 'Relais' Project, supported by the European Union's DG23.

Six seminars were held over the course of 1998 in Verona, Lyons, Barcelona, London, Brussels and Linz to help sensitise those concerned to the problem of Business Transfer and to circulate and improve the Brunello Kit as a methodological tool for governing the processes Business Transfer. More than 600 entrepreneurs and specialists took an active part. (see details on 'Relais' Project page).


The stock exchange for the transfer of small and medium enterprises.

StudioCentroVeneto was charged with carrying out exploratory work in European countries to study the best means of transferring small and medium family businesses, for a large national corporation.


Diagnostic service for governing Business Transfer.

A new service aimed at a group of specialist consultants, and of course at senior and junior entrepreneurs and their families and main associates, was launched on behalf of an important trade association in North Italy.

This is a kind of 'first enquiry desk' for companies at the transition stage.


Collaboration with the Italian Association of Family Businesses - AIdAF - and similar European associations.

New collaborative work was begun with the European Associations of Family Businesses. The most important of these are the Instituto Empresa Familiar, or IEF, in Spain, and the Association des Moyennes Entreprises Patrimoniales, or ASMEP, in France.



-  "Domani, quando sarò più giovane... un’impresa può dirlo" (Tomorrow, when I'll be young… a company can say so) (1995)

-  Di Padre in... Meglio (Handing over: …from one generation to the next) (1997)

-  Successioni di Successo (Successful successions) (1997)

-  Da una Generazione all’Altra (From one generation to the next) (1997)

-         SPES (Sensibilizzazione sui Pericoli di un’Errata Successione/ Sensitisation to the Dangers of Erroneous Changeover)

-         AncorArtigiani( Again Craftsmen ) 2001

-         Book “Obligatory Routes”

Toni Brunello, with Mr Michele Bornello, wrote a book “Obligatory Routes” published in 2003 (Franco Angeli Editor).

It is about the transfer of business. It gives advice to avoid the dangers of business transfer and some suggestion, based on his experience, about the best way to manage this long period of an enterprise life.

It had been presented three times, and had a big success within entrepreneurs, consultants (more than 250 participants)

-         Various articles


European projects of the last years.


1) The 'Relais' Project

The most important initiative to date was this big chance for making European comparisons.

The 'Relais' (baton) Project supported by the European Union under the leadership of StudioCentroVeneto and the direct responsibility of Toni Brunello.

The aim. To create a cultural base, but also one of common instrumentation for dealing with the problem that affects all of Europe: in 1994 the EU had already pointed out that two in three companies disappear in the transition from one generation to the next, while three entrepreneurs in four think this will not affect them.


2) SCV was also official Partner in the "U235" ADAPT is project on the way SMEs implement innovation by ICT. The project was leaded by FLY Srl of Perugia (Umbria Region) with two more transnational partners. The project was completed in 2001.



Main objective of CREATEL project is the design, implementation and validation of a new virtual environment for the Knowledge Management and continuous learning of European Sme´s employees.

The CREATEL virtual platform –, provides different learning options by using a Knowledge Management methodology to allow users learn and so that learning leads them to improve their professional performance.

The thematic areas are: Innovation and Business Transfer, ICT, Health and Safety at work and International Marketing.


4) CNS

Aims: To create an innovative on-line training course in the field of Business Transfer. The course has been created for Senior and Junior entrepreneurs, or Sme’s managers.



The National Chambers of Commerce of Spain, France and Italy have the goal to create an European Internet Platform dedicated to Companies’ Transmission process. Inside this project Mr Toni Brunello will be the Expert Consultant for MediaCamere (special agency of the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce)


6) BTE (Business Transfer Est)

The goal is to create a network within The Croatian, Hungarian, Slovenia Chambers of Commerce and Italian ones. The aim is to exchange experiences, best practices on Business Transfer, by e- learning methodology and by three meetings in Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia. During the meeting it will be organised a seminar to exchange experiences on the transfer of business, and a training course for a pilot group of The chamber of Commerce.

The project will start on October 2004.


7) Seminar in Mons (Wallonie, Belgium)

In March 2004 Brunello partecipated in Wallonie, as official speaker, to a Seminar focused on the problem of business trasnfer in the medium size companies.


8) European seminar in Stuttgart (Germany)

In May 2004 Brunello partecipated in Stuttgart, as official speaker, to the European seminar “Next Business Generation” (more than 350 partecipants), where presented the two European Best Practices kit.brunello and Laboratorium.


The national projects.


1) Toni Brunello has been working on adults training activities for more than thirty years (since 1970). Pupils have been both SMEs entrepreneurs and managers, and the training managers of SME'S Associations.

These took part in several "training of trainers" projects.

Such courses for adults were run in Northern, Central and Southern Italy.


2) “Rilancio” Research


The main aim of the survey was to understand how to improve business transfer conditions in Veneto with a view to safeguarding and improving the economic conditions of our businesses and, above all, maintain their competitiveness.

This is the first research in Europe that utilised the European Standard parameters proposed in the Best Report.


3) Venetian Regional Law

From the results of Rilancio Research, SCV has been involved in the designed of an innovative Regional Law (this could be the first in all Europe).


4) National Expert Group

In these days is borning a national Expert Group, with the support of the Ministry of Industry in Rome, aims to implement in Italy the guide lines of the Report of the Expert Group in Bruxelles.


5) Id Hic

The project, run in the Veneto Region, has be completed in March 2004.

It is composed of four phases: 1) the basic potential to sow awareness: the local situation analysis; this includes a research on a quantitative and a qualitative point of view; 2) training of trainers at all level and side; 3) the systhematic transfer of tools and of good practices for governing business transfer; 4) the dissemination of results (and of awareness, again) including e-learning for those who could appreciate it (juniors and managers probably, and associations).