Born:               15.07.1973, Tartu, Estonia


Contact:         Tel.: +372-5029 873

                        Fax: +372-7441 722



1. Professional experience:


03/03 –            Founder and Member of Executive Board of

Baltic Innovation Agency. Ltd

01/05 -             Member of Executive Board of Institute of Baltic Studies

11/01 -  10/07 Member of Executive Board of Tartu Science Park Foundation

11/00 – 11/05 Founder and Member of Executive Board of Innopolis. Ltd

06/02 – 11/03  Member of Executive Board of Connect Estonia Network

01/02 – 06/03  Member of Executive Board of Tartu Biotechnology Park Ltd.

12/02-  12/06   Permanent Expert to Estonian delegation to EU FP6 Programme Committee on Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge-based Society

01/02 – 12/02  Adviser to national agency for EU training and research cooperation- Archimedes Foundation

09/95 – 06/02  Instructor and earlier teaching associate at University of Tartu, Department of Public Administration and Social Policy as well as at EuroFaculty / EuroCollege. Courses taught: European Union, EU Institutions, EU Reform, EU Main Policies, EU Regional Policy, EU Programmes, Diplomacy (as teaching associate), Introduction to Public Administration (as teaching associate)

02/99 – 12/02  Programme Committee member for EU RTD Fifth Framework Programme, subprogramme Improving human research potential and the socio-economic knowledge base

11/00 – 12/02  Permanent National Expert to EU RTD Fifth Framework Programme Committee for subprogramme Innovation & SMEs

02/99 – 12/01  Programme Committee member for EU RTD Fifth Framework Programme, subprogramme Confirming the international role of community research (INCO)

06/96 – 12/01  Innovation Consultant at national agency - Estonian Foundation for EU Training and Research Programmes “Archimedes”. Responsible for implementation of various EU innovation and technology transfer projects. See list of projects below

02/99 –12/01   National Contact Point for EU RTD Fifth Framework Programme, subprogrammes: Confirming the international role of Community research and Improving human research potential and the socio-economic knowledge base

06/00 - 12/00   Adviser of international cooperation to Estonian Biocentre, a leading national molecular biology and genomics research centre in Estonia

03/00 - 05/00   National Detached Expert at European Commission, DG Research. Responsible for assessment of final reports of Targeted Socio Economic Research (TSER) projects in field of regional innovation systems and approaches

11/94-06/95     Assistant at Estonian Representation to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

01/94-02/94:    Internship at Estonian Embassy in Washington

06/93-07/93:    Internship at Estonian Embassy in Stockholm


2.      List of Implemented Projects


Expert for EUROMED Innovation and Technology Programme – International Technology Transfer Services

Project Coordinator for CLUSTER TRAINING -   Innovation through Strategic Cooperation

Expert for EUROPE INNOVA Innolearning Platform – Preparing feasibility study on developing common European approach towards third countries and pilot project concept on setting up European innovation centre in China

Project Partner for BEFORE - Benchmarking and foresight for regions of Europe

Project Partner for EUROPEER -    Best practices to bring research and innovation in European SME through the “peer review” method

Project Partner for SUPPOLICY - Support to mutual learning and co-ordination in research policy making

Project Partner for REACT - Regional Empowerment in Actions and Concepts for Policy Development and Technology Transfer

Project Partner for LOGON-BALTIC - Developing Regions through Spatial

Planning and Logistics & ICT Competence

Project Partner for VBN-INNOREG - Strengthening Via Baltica Nordica Macro-Region through Transnational Cooperation for Regional Innovation Promotion

Project Partner for SUPER-SME - Supporting Potential and Existing Research intensive SMEs

Project Partner for REGSTRAT – Strategic Policy Intelligence Tools for Better Science and Technology Investment Strategies in Europe's Regions

Project Partner for RAIN - Regional Acceleration for the Innovation Circle in the ICT Sector

Project Partner for INJECTION -  Networking innovation actors in the medical device sector

Project Partner for AFIBIO -  Access to Finance in the Biotech Sector

Project Partner for ERIS - Estonian Regional Innovation Strategy

Project Partner for BABY-RISBanska-Bystritca Regional Innovation Strategy in Slovakia,

Project Partner for GALEDGE -Galilee Regional Innovation Strategy in Israel,

Project Partner for EUROCOOP - Regional Innovation Policy Impact Assessment and Benchmarking Process: European Cooperation for Sustainable Regional Innovation

Project Coordinator for Estonian Innovation Relay Centre, an EU initiative promoting international technology transfer

Project Partner for BBDN – Baltic Business Development Network

Project Partner for FINESSE – Facilitating Incubator Networking and Exchange of Services for SMEs

Project Partner for NPD-NET– New Product Develoment Network

Project Partner for CLOE – Clusters Linked over Europe

Project Partner for GATE – Gaining Added Value from Timber in Europe

Project Partner for  ProTon Network - Pan-European Network of Technology Transfer Offices Linked to Public Research Organisations and Universities

Project Manager for TRIS - Tartu Regional Innovation Strategy, an EU initiative for building regional innovation strategies within Innovating Regions in Europe (IRE) framework

Project Partner for REGIONET - Regional Sustainable Development Strategies

Project Partner for Regional Foresight project - EFORESEE, biotechnology and ICT foresight activity in small candidate countries

Project Partner for IREThematic Network SCONEValorisation of Knowledge

Project Partner for IRE Thematic Network PARTNER   Spin-out of the Wider Innovating Regions in Europe Network  

Project Partner for  IRE Thematic Network VERITE –  Virtual Environment for Regional Innovation Technologies

Project Manager and later Project Coordinator for Estonian Fellow Member to Community Innovation Relay Centre Network (FEMIRC Estonia), an EU initiative aiming at increased participation of Estonian research organisations and SMEs to EU RTD Programmes

Project Coordinator for Estonian Fellow Member to Organisation for Promotion of New Energy Technologies Network (FEMOPET Estonia), an EU initiative aiming at technology transfer for increased energy efficiency

Programme Manager for PHARE Higher Education and Science Reform (HESR) Programme in Estonia, an EU PHARE support programme aiming at integration of former Estonian Academy of Science research institutes with universities and creation of Centres of Strategic Competence in field of Material Sciences, Gene Technologies, Environmental Technologies and Information Technologies

Project Coordinator for PHARE Open and Distance Education project EUROLI on European Law and Institutions, developing an Internet based learning environment for European Studies


3. Education:


a)      University background and degrees:


1996-98:          MPA in Public Administration and Social Policy,

University of Tartu, Department of Public Administration and Social Policy

Thesis:  Estonian Research and Technology Policy and European Integration  (written in English)

1992-96:          B.A. (Diploma) major in Public Administration, minor in Political Science, University of Tartu, Faculty of Social Sciences, Dept of Public Administration and Social Policy 

1994-95:          Certificat d’Etudes Politiques, mention relations internationales,

Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg (Science Po), Université de Robert Schuman            


b)      Secondary education:


1990-1992       Katedralskolan, a gymnasium in Uppsala, Sweden

1988-1991:      Tartu 15th Secondary School (now Lycée Descartes de Tartu)


4.      Continuous Education and Training


05/03               Regional Foresight Methods Training, Institute of Perspective Technology Studies, Joint Research Centre of European Commission

07/00               Cambridge Advanced Programme on Rethinking Development Economics, Trinity Hall College, University of Cambridge, England

12/00 - 01/01   Urban and City Management Course at World Bank Institute and Local Government and Public Administration Initiative in Open Society Institute, Budapest, Hungary 

06/99 - 07/99   European Law Summer School at European University Institute, Academy of European Law, Firenze, Italy


5.   Foreign language competence:


























 In addition able to read elementary texts in Finnish, German, Danish and Norwegian


6.      Membership:


Current President and founding member of United Nations Association of Estonia