Vjekoslav Martinko



Vjekoslav Martinko (59),

Dipl. Mechanical Engineer from Zagreb, after 10  years working in Croatia, next 15 years is working as a   Marketing manager for Central-Eastern Europe for one global engineering company from Netherlands.


At his 48th he leaves off his succesful international career to start with his own business of reparation and revival of old, uncared-for Lovran's villas along with developing quality vacation concept connected with personal growth.


His company «Lovranske vile d.o.o.» was awarded in 2002. by Ministry of Environmental protection, Physical Planning and Construction as a good example of sustainable development.

Martinko's interest is in sustainable tourism development and realization of individual potential as well as of community's, through inovative methods and holistic aproach.


E-mail: vjeko@lovranske-vile.com