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Ana Žegarac



Not PublicBelgrade, Serbia











Date of birth



Gender, civil status


female, single


Work experience





Dates (from – to)


October 2001.- July 2002.

Name and address of employer


Serbian Agency for the Development of SMEs and Entrepreneurship

Type of business or sector

·         Occupation or position held

·         Main activities and responsibilities


Government administration (Business and Management Consulting)

Junior advisor


Involved in establishment of the Agency, assisted in creation of Program of work, teambuilding, strategy and action plans, established contact with relevant donor organizations, worked with relevant national and international organizations on the activities for support the SMEEs sector in Serbia, assisted in promotional activities




Dates (from – to)





August 2002.-September 2004.

Name and address of employer


Serbian Agency for the Development of SMEs and Entrepreneurship

Type of business or sector


Government administration

Occupation or position held




Head of the International cooperation department


Main activities and responsibilities


·         Establishing and expanding cooperation with all relevant international institutions  in order to provide support to the establishment and functioning of the Republic Agency and its regional centers,

·         Project development

·         Involved in training and on-the-job training activities and preparation of various types of presentations

·         Providing assistance to entrepreneurs in the realization of business arrangements with foreign partners (B2B events, Matchmakings…)

·         Cooperation with the Serbian Diaspora, aiming at supporting and expanding different types of business cooperation and providing comprehensive information on the current economic flows in Serbia and development programs of small and medium-sized enterprises in Serbia;

·         Coordination of work with other sectors/business functions of the Republic Agency, aiming at providing a continuous flow of information and synergy in activities.





Dates (from – to)






September 2004.-March 2008

Name and address of employer


Serbian Agency for the Development of SMEs and Entrepreneurship

Type of business or sector


Government administration

Occupation or position held




Executive Director, Development and  International cooperation department

Main activities and responsibilities


·          Organizing the work and  activities of the Department for Development and International Cooperation (Int .Cooperation, Education and training,  Network of  Regional agencies, IT, Promotion activities )

·          Created the strategic, development and operational plans, budget programming

·          Monitoring and evaluation of units

·          Staff management and coordination of units

·          Representing the Agency on the national and international events/conferences

·          Negotiations, project designing and development (with national partners and donor organizations), project implementation and monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

·          Establishing the cooperation with relevant agencies for SME and regional development (MOU signed with National Agency of Republic of Srpska, National Agency Romania)

·          Projects: International (JICA, Project “Institutionalization of mentoring”-project manager; AECI Spanish Gov, Project “ Reorganization of Entrepreneurial service”-project director, UNIDO ITPO Rome “Capacity building of RASME”- project manager, ENTRANSE “ Building BI and development of National program”-project manager, involved in drafting and developing LEDIB project/Danish MFA, EU/IPA/in charge for project development, project log frames and fiches for IPA 2007 and 2008 “ Competitive and Innovative SMEs in Serbia”, support to regional agencies in designing the project proposals for CBC, in charge for small scale projects and cooperation with British American Tobacco, GTZ, BIP, EOMEX, CIDA/CESO etc. in designing and implementation of small scale projects).

·          National projects: “Mentoring”, “Support to regional agencies-data base of existing SMEs in Serbia”, design and implementation of training modules for Business Incubators (management and coaching for tenants), HR, Leadership, motivation, delegation etc 





Dates (from – to)




March 2008.-

Name and address of employer


Serbian Agency for the Development of SMEs and Entrepreneurship

Type of business or sector


Government administration

Occupation or position held




Head, International cooperation, Education and Mentoring Department

Main activities and responsibilities


·         In charge for negotiations, project development, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation with donors and national partners.

·         Designing the action plans for int cooperation, education and training and mentoring activities within the Agency

·         Project developer for: Norwegian BIP (Business Innovation Program) project for “ Young entrepreneurship project” with Ministry of youth and sports, “2 chance for SMEs- reorganization, bankruptcy and fresh start” for IPA 2009.

·         Project developer for Agency’s projects “ Development of competitive SMEs in Serbia”, “ Support program for associations of entrepreneurs” and project proposals for NIP.

·         Project manager for the JICA project “Institutionalization of mentoring as a service for SMEs in Serbia” *TA of Japanese Government





Main projects within areas of expertise:






Project/donor/Implementing agency


Position/Description of Duties


May 2009.-

24 months project


“Private sector development in SEE”PSD II/Dutch MFA/SPARK

Project manager/Coordination of the component 1 “Establishment of the Association of SME Agencies in SEE” and financial management of the budget line for the component.

November  2008.-

24 months project



“Enterprise policy and Innovation”/EU- CARDS 2006/Ecorys

Member of the PMG/ On behalf of the Agency in charge for coordination between Ecorys team and Agency’s staff  in implementation of the component Sub-component 1.2 Strengthening of SASME


May 2007. –

Project October 2008.-November 2009


“Development of Young entrepreneurship in Serbia”/MFA Norway/BIP-Business Innovation Program

Leader of the PIU within the Project/ Development of the project document and budget. Coordination the PIU *consists the Agency’s and Ministry of Youth and sports staff. Implementation of the action plan, financial management, monitoring and evaluation, reporting.


August 2008 -

3 year project


“Institutionalization of mentoring as a service for SMEs in Serbia”/Japan/JICA

Project manager/ Project development, action plan development, coordination with JICA experts , Agency’s PIU and 5 regional partners. Design of standardized system of mentoring as a service. Training design and implementation, pilot project design and implementation, text books and material design, scope of work design, monitoring and evaluation of the activities

March  2007.,

1 month


“QS and standardization”/Hellenic aid/EOMMEX

Coordinator/ organization of 20 Serbian companies to participate on 2 week training in Athens

June 2006 – June 2007


“Reorganization of entrepreneurial service “/Spain/ AECI

Project director/ creation of new practical system of services for different target groups (start ups, existing companies, export oriented SMEs), coordination of activities for web design, text book and brochures, training modules /”capsules”, financial management.

June 2006.-July 2007.


“Capacity building of Serbian SME Agency”/Japan/JICA

Project manager/ coordination and implementation of 3 modules of trainings by Japanese experts: ‘Enterprise diagnosis” for 34 employees in the RASME and regional agencies; “New product development and marketing” and “QS and production” for 513 SMEs in Serbia

March 2005. –


Mentoring for start ups and existing companies / RASME

Project manager/ designed a new service-mentoring. 20-25 hours of free of charge service includes: enterprise diagnosis, creation of action plan for each company and intervention (providing consultancy for improving the business process and performances). This service is implemented for the national Employment Service since 2006. and trough the JICA ongoing project is now in the process of standardization

March 2005.-December 2005.


“Establishing the wood processing cluster in Eastern Serbia”/MFA Norway/NFG-Norwegian forestry group

Project manager/ coordinated work with Faculty of Forestry Belgrade, regional agency Zajecar and NFG expert in conducting trainings and seminars for the companies from wood processing and furniture sector in Eastern Serbia

January 2005.- December 2007.


“Serbian SME Agency support”/Italy-Law 84/UNIDO ITPO Rome

Project manager/implementation of the project components/ financial management, trainings, internationalization of Serbian companies, matchmakings and B2B events organization(in Serbian and in Italy), promotion events, web site design

 January 2005. August 2007. 



“Private Sector Development –Republic of Serbia”/MFA Norway/SINTEF

Project manager / involved in preparation of Program for establishing Business incubators in Serbia 2007.-2010., and “Step by step in establishing BI”. Prepared the ENTRANSE on Tour road show in 19 cities promoting the BI , conducted workshops on legal and practical tools for establishing business incubators in Serbia. Designed the BISC-Business Incubator Support Center in RASME..



“Support to SMEE Development/EU EAR/Ecorys

Member of the PIU on behalf of the RASME/preparation and implementation of the grant scheme, trainings and innovation audit pilot project.



“Nonfinancial support to SMEs in Serbia”/EU EAR/Louis Berger

Member of the PMG on behalf of the RASME/involved in implementation of the project components: promotion campaign and raising awareness of entrepreneurship in Serbia; pilot project “Development of business services in regional agencies”, “Innovation vouchers”. Development of operational programs and action plans for the Strategy for SME development 2003.-2008.







Education and training






• Name and type of organization providing education and training


Belgrade University, Faculty of Philology

• Principal subjects/occupational

skills covered


Oriental studies, Japanese language and literature

• Title of qualification awarded







• Name and type of organization providing education and training


BK University, Faculty of Management

• Principal subjects/occupational

skills covered



• Title of qualification awarded


MA degree (to be obtained)



Japan(Osaka/Tokyo, May/June 2002)

Serbia(Belgrade, December 2002)

Serbia(Belgrade, January 2003)

Serbia(Belgrade, June/October 2003)

Serbia(Belgrade, May 2003)

Ireland (Dublin, April 2004)

Serbia (Belgrade July 2004)

Italy (Trento, December 2004)

Israel (Haifa, February/March 2005)

Serbia (Belgrade, June/September 2005)

Spain (Barcelona, October 2005)

Spain (Madrid, January 2006)

Montenegro (Podgorica, April 2006)

Norway (Oslo, November 2006)

Greece (Athens March 2007)

Austria (Vienna, September/October 2007)

Holland (Amsterdam, April 2008)

Japan (Tokyo, January/February 2009)

*Obtained certificates available upon request







“SME Development Policy”, JICA


“Trends in SME Policy across Europe”, EAR

“Project Cycle Management”, EAR

“EU integration”, Universidad San Pablo, CEU

“Encouraging innovative SMEs”, MA International Businesses

“Government support to SMEs”, Enterprise Ireland

“HR Development”, USAID and Srma Consulting

“Entrepreneurship and SME Development”, OECD LEED

“Support systems and micro financing for SMEs”, MASHAV

CEFE training, GTZ


“Insight training on operations of Barcelonactiva”, Barcelonactiva

“Nonfinancial and financial support programs for SMEs”

“”Project development of EU projects/IPA”, ATA/SPARK

“Business and industrial incubators”, SINTEF



“Dutch support programs for SMEs”, SPARK


“Japanese Mentoring System”, JICA



Mother tongue




Other languages

* Mark 1 to 5 for competence, where 5 is the highest


























Other skills

and competences

























·         Coordinated/supervised work of teams of international and local consultants

·         Excellent communication, presentation and organizational skills and comprehensive knowledge of project management according to EU, UN and international financial institution standards (Japan, Spain, Norway, Netherland,…)

·         Very reliable collaborator with not only a  sense of initiative, but also very capable of motivating and working in a team, experienced in cooperation with donor’s organizations, project development and management, monitoring and evaluation, staff management etc. employed in the Agency from its establishment.

·         Numerous professional contacts with relevant government and nongovernmental structures both on the national and international level


·         Windows, MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point...), ECDL (European Computer Drivers License)

·         COMFAR III (basic and advanced training on financial component of feasibility studies)



·         2002.,2003,2004. Annual reports, RASME

·         2003. “Business Incubators”. The aim of this manual is to make practical experience of setting up and development of business incubators available to all those building new structures in Serbia, with the aim to provide a more rapid development of the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship.

·         “All available credit lines in Serbia”, team of authors

·         2007. “FAQ”, Frequently asked questions and answers made according to the experience of Republic agency’s Entrepreneurial service- member of team of authors


·         National Program for EU integration-coordinator of behalf of the Republic agency

·         Project working group/ “Cluster Project”/Ministry of Economy and Regional Development

·         BSEC, Black Sea Economic Cooperation, member of Working group on SMEs

·         Diaspora Business Council

·         Working group - ISDACON Information System for donor’s program management (Ministry for International Economic Relations, Republic of Serbia)

·         Joint Steering and Monitoring Committee for Cross border Cooperation Program

·         ERENET consultancy network